Teamfight Tactics Mobile Version will release before May 2020

Back in October, during the occasion of 10th birthday of League of Legends, Riot announced the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics. They announced that the auto-chess title TFT would release in early 2020. 2 weeks ago, we had info about the beta release of TFT Mobile which is supposed to happen in early 2020. Recently, a lead designer of the game, Stephen Mortimer, while streaming through his twitch announced that Teamfight Tactics Mobile will release before May 31, 2020.

About the Christmas Live Stream

Lead Designer of Teamfight Tactics, Stephen “MortDog” Mortimer, held a Christmas stream on his personal Twitch channel last Sunday. The streamer also held a giveaway for his viewers. At one point in the stream, Mortimer was asked about the mobile version of TFT. Thus, he responded that Teamfight Tactics Mobile will release before May 2020. However, he did not share any further details. We are speculating that the game will be available for both android as well as iOS devices at the first release.

About Teamfight Tactics

The game’s official website says, Battle for the Convergence:

Draft, deploy, and upgrade your favorite League of Legends champions in this round-based battle for survival. Devastate with demons, bruise with brawlers, or transform the battle with shapeshifters—it’s all up to you.

This means there are various elements in the game. The game is action-packed, with League of Legends champion characters, shapeshifters, etc.

Cross-Platform Support

The game is already available on several platforms like PC and Mac. As suggested by the rumours, the game is going to support cross-platform. Thus, the players will be able to team up with friends across different platforms and crush their enemies.

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The game also allows players to show off their emotions by dancing and emoting. This makes the game more exciting.

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