Tears of Themis Secrets of the Tomb event launches on April 29, 2022

Visit the land of deserts and begin a fantastical adventure!

Tears of Themis, a romance detective game from global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse, will debut the limited-time event “Secrets of the Tomb” on April 29, 2022. There’s a deep plot, thrilling missions, an event-only commemorative badge, new R cards, a limited Invitation, and more significant goodies up for grabs.

Tears of Themis’ main story takes place in the mythical city of Stellis, where players begin their legal careers as rookie attorneys, investigating and debating cases and topics. When the darkness lying beneath the surface eventually emerges, a malevolent force that threatens justice and order emerges slowly.

Throughout the voyage, the four male protagonists with various personalities, also known as the members of the NXX Investigation Team, provide constant support and aid. Mutual trust and close cooperation are the foundations of their successful relationships.

Earn generous rewards during the Secrets of the Tomb event

After the April 29 update, the limited-time event Secrets of the Tomb will begin. During the event, the Shadows of Resurrection main story and side story missions will be available in phases. Attorneys can play Tomb of Ita and use Exploration Energy to clear debris, get Exploration Points, and gain experience. Attorneys can advance deeper into the tomb and uncover the buried treasure by raising their Exploration Rank and leveling up their Exploration Abilities.

At each exploration rank, artifact tasks will become available. Accept the tasks given by the curator of the Rubis Museum and gain access to the Museum’s vast collection of artifacts. Participate in the event and accomplish tasks to acquire the “Roaring Sands” event-limited commemorative badge, Desert Road limited Invitation, and R cards of the four male leads.

The event will bring limited SSR cards, outfits, backgrounds, and more

On April 29, the Secrets of the Tomb event Shadow of Themis will begin. Luke Overflowing Thoughts, Artem Echoes Ablaze, Vyn Flickering Moonlight, and Marius Dimly Lit, all event-limited SSR cards, will be accessible at that moment.

The “Sandstorm” Themed Outfits for the four male leads, as well as the “Desert Oasis” and “Khaimit Palace” Backgrounds, will be available for a limited time in the Cosmetics Shop at a discounted price. “Oasis Reveries” will provide players with a Namecard and a limited Background after the upgrade. A Total Purchases Event, a Returner Event, and daily log-in freebies will also be available.

Are you excited about the Secrets of the Tomb event in Tears of Themis? Let us know in the comments below!

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