Tears of Themis announces Dreams Rewoven event releasing this June 2023

The ebb and flow of day and night bear witness to the depths of their love!

The limited-time Marius’ Birthday Dreams Rewoven event series will begin in June, according to an announcement made today by the international interactive entertainment company HoYoverse for its romantic detective game Tears of Themis. With each ruminative brushstroke, romantic dreams were rewoven.

A series of Dreams Rewoven limited-time events will be made available for the players around the time of Marius’ birthday in Tears of Themis. To obtain a selection of birthday-limited freebies, complete the event’s series of Travel Wishes with him! Additionally, a short-lived Menagerie of Lights birthday event rerun will be accessible in June. Let precious moments be documented on film.

Complete the limited-time events and earn amazing rewards in Tears of Themis

The release of Marius SSR Eternal Flame will have a higher draw rate for this brief occasion. Players can see a glimpse of Marius’ inner thoughts in the most recent trailer. He carries a number of titles that the outside world has assigned to him as Marius von Hagen, the prestigious heir to the illustrious Pax Group— “I thought I had gotten used to it all. But when you showed up in my life, it made me want something more. I began to look forward to the day you could discard all my labels and only love the person I am deep inside.

With each ruminative brushstroke, romantic dreams were rewoven. On June 14, 2023, the Dreams Rewoven event series will begin, introducing players to thrilling Travel Wishes and intriguing limited-time missions that will reveal numerous surprises. To earn the Marius R card Lost in Thought, Tears of Themis, and other fantastic goodies during the event, complete the requirements. To receive the birthday outfit Marius – Dreams Rewoven, the birthday background Marius’ Bedroom, the event-limited badge Dreams Rewoven, and numerous other time-sensitive goodies, complete the Travel Wishes.

The Dreams Rewoven Studio furniture set (10 pieces), Tears of Themis, Oracle of Justice IV, Stellin, and several additional awards are also available to players who have accumulated a particular number of Total Purchases. By signing in throughout the event, gamers can also receive Marius’ birthday-specific Message and Voice Call!

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