Technology from Kwalee’s Airport Security game to be integrated into real-world pre-flight checks

Kwalee partners with global border security agencies to make Pre-flight checks fun!

Four border security agencies from the United Kingdom, France, India, and China have teamed up with multiplatform game publisher Kwalee to incorporate technology and techniques from the popular game Airport Security into their real-world pre-flight screenings.

The goal is to make security at airports more enjoyable after the agencies were surprised to find from intensive consumer testing that their inspections are regarded as monotonous.

Airport Security app to help travelers speed up their check-in

With Airport Security at the top of the rankings and over 20 million downloads in less than two months, it was evident that the Kwalee-developed game was a fun experience that its real-world counterpart could benefit from.

airport security
Image via Kwalee

To expedite check-ins, passengers flying to or from the United Kingdom, France, India, or China will be required to download and present the Airport Security app. The app is thought to be sufficiently informative for the user that they may be trusted to board their flights without examination after just a few minutes of playing.

The following new rules will apply to anyone who does not present the Airport Security app:

  • Agents may opt to detain a clearly innocent passenger because “they think it’ll be amusing.”
  • Passengers who lie to airport security about their age may be arrested. Grandad, you’re not fooling anyone!
  • Border guards can now dress up in a variety of fashionable clothing, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

We thought everyone loved them!” said Looper Hunt, a spokesperson for the alliance of agencies. “Why else would they keep coming back? But since it turns out not everybody enjoys slogging through slow-moving queues before being stopped due to a larger-than-regulation-sized liquids bag, we’re proud to be working with Kwalee to make the fun of Airport Security a laugh-a-minute reality.

What are your thoughts about the real-world border security agencies integrating technology and techniques from the popular game Airport Security into their real-world pre-flight screenings? Let us know in the comments below!

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