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TeeTINY Online is an upcoming cartoon styled MMORPG from the makers of Epic Seven

Early Access has already begun!

TeeTINY Online, an upcoming cartoon-styled game, is currently in its beta phase. The MMORPG game is developed by Smilegate Megaport, the popular mobile game Epic Seven developers. The game features charming, easy-on-the-eyes cartoon-style rendering and provides the opportunity of a vast new world. In TeeTINY Online, the main quest includes overcoming the Tower of Despair. Players from all over the world will be able to gather and explore dungeons together in this new MMORPG. The developers have assured that the game is what every RPG and adventure lover needs.

Start your own journey in a vast open world

The game offers players to choose from a range of freely changeable classes. The class can be changed by switching weapons in the game. Players can go through all the classes and select the one that best fits their strategy. The game has a single global server which will allow all the players to compete against each other in one place.

TeeTiny Online
Image via Smilegate Megaport

The diverse in-game world will enable players to collect Guardian Spirits. Players with these spirits on their side can go all in to overcome the Tower. As far as the game’s aesthetics are concerned, different housing themes are available for decorating the space in this fantasy world.

The game is available for early access in selected regions

The game’s story is about a world annihilated by men’s greed and in a time of despair and everlasting darkness. The merciful gods of the world made a prophecy saying, “The height of this tower is nothing but the reflection of mankind’s cupidity. Conquer it, and you shall be given a chance to live anew.”

The gods created a gigantic tower known as the Tower of Despair. The main challenge for players in the game is to overcome this tower. The game is currently available for early access in Android in selected regions.

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