Ten Square Games celebrates Earth Day in Fishing Clash with special events

Players will clean up the in-game Amazon river.

Ten Square Games (TSG) will have players clean up the virtual Amazon River in one of the game’s fisheries as part of their Earth Day collaboration with Ecosia and Playing for the Planet. Ten Square Games is one of the leading producers of mobile games in the free-to-play model. Its portfolio includes Fishing Clash – one of the world’s most popular 3D simulators, Hunting Clash – a realistic hunting simulator, and Airline Commander – one of the most recognizable flight simulators.

We’re extremely excited to take on the challenge of building environmental awareness among our player base and are looking forward to seeing them be able to impact our in-game fishery through engaging with the game”, says Matt Hood, the Product Owner of Fishing Clash, TSG’s flagship title.

Ten Square Games continues its in-game charity events with the Earth Day celebration

Players in Fishing Clash celebrated World Water Day last year by fishing for extinct species, with their efforts also cleaning real oceans. It was the first charity in-game event for Ten Square Games. Fishing Clash’s gorgeous Amazon fishery will become a more true-to-life picture of the location.

Instead of capturing unique fish, users will be catching rubbish, which will help to clean up our virtual riverbank. Players will contribute to real-life environmental change by cleaning the digital delta, with their community goals represented in trees planted by TSG in conjunction with Ecosia as part of Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam.

We weren’t sure how our players would react to our initiative. They exceeded our wildest expectations, almost doubling the point threshold we’ve set for our donation, helping us support Healthy Seas with a $50k donation, along with a $10k bonus recognizing our players’ dedication.

Olga Ostrowska, ESG Manager at Ten Square Games.

Other anglers will contribute to the cleaning of virtual waters by assisting captured fish by clearing the garbage they’re trying to swallow. As a result, they will be rewarded with Event Currency, which can be used to purchase special stuff. Three distinct creatures will accompany the players to help them visualize the changes in the Amazonian ecology.

Great opportunity to make a real environmental improvement

Fishing Clash players will be able to donate up to $35000 in points collected while fishing in the Amazon and other fisheries to Ecosia, a non-profit search engine that allows users to plant trees while surfing the web, giving Fishing Clash players the opportunity to make a real environmental improvement. Ten Square Games has also submitted the project to Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam 2022.

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