‘Tencent Games’ announced a new brand proposition called ‘Spark More!’

Today, Tencent games is one of the world’s largest game development, publish and operation platform. It has launched around 480 products and also serves a player base of approximately 800 million. Tencent game brand upgrade with a new brand proposition: Spark More! has now taken effect.

Tencent Games has various products. Some of the well-known products are PUBG mobile, Honor of Kings, CoD Mobile etc.

About the Brand Upgrade

A new tagline “Spark More!” has evolved from “Create Happiness from the Heart”. The latter tagline has been in use for the past nine years. Mark Ren, the Chief Operating Officer of Tencent Games has emphasized that this brand upgrade is also “an upgrade on the cognition, value and mission on game business”.

The new brand proposition of Tencent Games resembles a bright fiery spark. The new logo seems close to the preposition: Spark More! The symbol signifies that the online games do not just ignite happy moments but also creates passion among the players. This also ignites connections between teams and the game.

Overall, the new brand aims to spark happiness, to spark connections, passion as well as inspiration.

Why Spark More?

Mark Ren, the Chief Operating Officer at Tencent Games has written an open letter:-

Today, we are proud to announce that Tencent Games will officially launch a new brand proposition: “Spark More”!

All products of Tencent Games will be gradually updated with new brand logos. But what I want to emphasize is that this brand update is not only just a brand event, but also an upgrade of game cognition and an important upgrade of the value pursuit and vision as well.

In the above-mentioned paragraph, the COO of Tencent Games wanted to state the values and vision of the company. He wants to state the organizations mission and vision. This states that it ignites happiness as well as a passion among the players.

Tencent games spark more
Updated brand logo in PUBG Mobile

In the open letter, he also stated,

Fortunately, Tencent Games grew up in an era full of possibilities. We started from small team with “no game gene” and are now the largest game development and distribution platform in the world. Also, together with our partners, have launched 480 products and serve 800 million users from more than 200 countries and regions. We have continuously enhanced our independent R & D capabilities, and successively launched phenomenal products such as “League of Legends”, “Honor of Kings”, “PUBG Mobile”, “Peacekeeper Elite” and “Call of Duty Mobile”, which are popular in the domestic and global markets. We also continue to connect the world’s best products, technology and development teams and work with 150 overseas industry leaders including Riot Games, Supercell, Epic Games, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft and Nintendo.

Here, the Chief operating officer wanted to tell about the growth that the company has seen over time. The company has several big games under its basket-like “League of Legends”, “PUBG Mobile”, “Call of Duty Mobile”, “Honor of Kings”, etc. He also stated about their partners in this part.

What else?

Lastly, the letter also stated:

In this ever-changing era, our attitude towards games determines the width and future of the industry, but also determines the warmth of any future games. “Spark More” not only represents our brand concept, but also means that we will carry out a long-term and systematic exploration of the value and possibility of all games. 

Adhering to the company’s “Value for Users, Tech for Good” vision and mission, we hope that every IEGer discovers and creates a positive energy towards games and users, and to the world!

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Thus, we now know that the company has officially changed its brand proposition and logo. This will soon be updated in their games over time. The new proposition “Spark More!” creates a positive attitude towards the game and users. It will be interesting to see how this actually brings in changes in the community.

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