Tencent takes over two ByteDance-owned games studio

A new studio named Saluosi is formed

Tencent reportedly takes over two ByteDance-owned video game studios, one Shenzhen-based studio which is probably the Gravity Studio, and another East-China-based studio. The news surfaced on Reuters first, where it was said that the source is not allowed to speak to the media. The person who claimed to reveal the big news is closely associated with the matter. However, it is not clear when the takeover took place.

ByteDance stepped down from the industry last year, was looking for potential buyers

While ByteDance and Tencent both have yet to comment on the takeover, the former company stepped down from the gaming industry last year. ByteDance, the company behind the popular video-sharing app TikTok, was looking for contracts with other game companies to sell its gaming assets including unreleased games that were in work. Several talks with Tencent and other companies took place from then.

On the other hand, the acquired studios were working on separate games during the takeover. Shenzhen-based studio was working behind an action game while the other one was engaged in developing an anime title.

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Image via Tencent

Tencent takes over ByteDance games studio to form “Saluosi”, a Shenzhen-based company

As the takeover includes two studios, both of them formed a new Shenzhen-based company named “Saluosi“. The new studio is backed by a Tencent investment company. Further details regarding the project on which the new studio is working are not known. After the establishment, ByteDance showed the biggest surprise after establishing Nuverse and acquiring MOONTON. However, the recent talks are also pointing to a potential release of MOONTON as well. It won’t be a surprise if Tencent takes that as well.

ByteDance was heavily into the gaming industry and planned to compete the giants like Tencent Holdings and NetEase. In October 2020, the company launched its mobile exclusive gaming platform named Danjuan Games. But long before that, the company decided to enter into the industry in 2015 and set up its first subsidiary in 2017. Nuverse is a very well-known subsidiary of ByteDance for holding the company’s core games and was known for games such as Marvel SnapEarth: Revival, and One Piece: The Voyage.

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