Tennis Clash x Australian Open 2024 collaboration brings new themed content, events, and more

Bringing the spirit of the Australian Open into the virtual realm

Wildlife Studios, the studios behind Tennis Clash has declared its ongoing partnership with Tennis Australia to mark the Australian Open 2024. The commencement of the year for Tennis Clash involves the introduction of the initial Grand Slam, featuring engaging branded content and fresh game features such as partnership tokens and a novel advancement system known as “Trophy Road.” This virtual event aligns with the actual Australian Open scheduled from January 14th to 28th, 2024.

Tennis Clash celebrates Australian Open 2024 with exciting in-game updates

In the previous year, Tennis Clash witnessed the participation of more than 1.6 million matches and 154,000 distinct players engaging in matches throughout its Australian Open tournaments. In celebration of this year’s event, the forthcoming in-game updates will encompass a special reproduction of the Australian Open main court, Rod Laver Arena, along with new branded outfits, themed bags, and the reappearance of the Australian Open String.

Tennis Clash Australian Open Arena
Image via Wildlife Studios

The collaboration with the Australian Open 2024 introduces two fresh in-game mechanics to Tennis Clash:

  • AO Tokens: Players now have the opportunity to earn Tokens, a novel in-game currency, by participating in various game modes in Tennis Clash. These Tokens can then be utilized in the in-game store to unlock exclusive branded items from both current and previous collaborations.
  • AO Grand Tour: The game’s overhauled progression system will unveil a 10th Tour titled “Grand Tour,” which will extend for approximately one month each season. This innovative feature will rotate through various themes, including seasons related to partnerships, enabling players to compete in branded arenas and win exclusive items. Access to this Grand Tour will be granted to players who have triumphed in all nine preceding Tours.

Wildlife Studios, the creator of Tennis Clash, crafted the game through thorough research and analysis of the sport. The game provides an experience closely resembling real tennis matches, gaining popularity among both mobile gamers and tennis enthusiasts. Tennis Clash, known for its easy-to-learn yet challenging gameplay, consistently holds a position in the top 5 of the sports games category on the App Store. Google Play also recognized it as one of the “5 best competitive games of 2019.”

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