Tetragon is a new 2D puzzle platformer title, now available globally on Android and iOS

Help a lumberjack through a labyrinth of puzzles and mazes!

Chaos has erupted in a fascinating universe of plane realities. The TetraGen, a sacred jewel was destroyed. Lucios, a determined lumberjack, must now locate the fragments of the jewel to bring about peace. Tetragon is a 2-D puzzle platformer that was previously launched on consoles and PC and is now available for mobile users on iOS and Android devices.

Lucios’ goal is more personal than that, though, as his kid unexpectedly disappeared, and he thinks the two occurrences are related. With the updated controls, Cafundó Estdio Creativo encourages players to return to the Tetragon universe and have an even greater experience than they did the first time.

Solve an array of mind-bending puzzles across levels in Tetragon

Get ready for an epic journey as Lucios obtains great power and solves a variety of challenging puzzles spread throughout multiple levels. The players’ critical thinking abilities will be required to get beyond these obstacles. There are many challenges to overcome, such as changing the rotation of the earth and building platforms and mobile towers. To pass these tests and learn what happened to his son, guide Tetragon out of turmoil, and bring peace back to the world, Lucios will need the player’s assistance.

Tetragon available
Image via Cafundo Studios

Tetragon is an engaging puzzle platformer with lucrative rewards and a touching narrative about a father’s unwavering love for his son. Fans of Celeste and Unravel will delight in reuniting the father-son team and bringing harmony to an unusual square-shaped universe by navigating a maze-like maze of difficulties.

Tetragon is now available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store in which Lucios embarks on a quest to locate his son. New treasures are scattered throughout the stages of the game’s mobile edition, and there are also secret stages for players to find.

Are you excited as Tetragon is now available on Android and iOS devices? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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