The Battle Cats celebrates the Easter Festival with new special stages and units in the game

Starting on April 17, 2023 at 11:00am, the wildly popular tower defense game “The Battle Cats” will celebrate the Easter Festival with strong new True Form evolutions for its oddly adorable Cat heroes.

Players can collect charming springtime heroes from the Battle Cats Easter Carnival set at the Rare Capsule Machine

Players can visit the ‘The Battle Cats’ iOS and Android app until May 1st at 11:00am for a chance to grab endearing springtime heroes from the Easter Carnival set at the Rare Capsule Machine. Easter Neneko, Blooming Kamukura, Springtime Kenshin, and Bunny and Canard are among the Uber Rare Heroes that are included in this round of the Easter Carnival event.

The Battle Cats Easter Festival 2023
Image via PONOS Corporation

Then, by taking on the Spring Sprang Sprung special event map, gamers can test out new heroes. Win these unique Timed Score stages to unlock Eggy Cat, a character that is only accessible during this short-lived spring promotion! Eggy Cat’s True Form can be accessed after successfully completing the new stage Eggy Cat Awakens. Also, all of the prizes from earlier iterations of this tournament have been restored and are once again available for collection by even seasoned players.

The Battle Cats Easter Festival 2023
Image via PONOS Corporation

Serious Cat Battlers seeking a higher challenge can send their Cats to invade the Gauntlet map Suffering Spring, which features greater difficulties and more rewards in a stage sequence that becomes harder and harder with each victory! The 20th and final stage will only be reached by the strongest Cat Army! You can get closer to obtaining useful stuff, such as Rare Tickets and in-game goodies that will be beneficial for the upcoming battles, by logging in each day while the event is going on.

Are you excited about the special events in The Battle Cats Easter Festival 2023 celebrations? Let us know in the comments below!

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