The Battle Cats x Evangelion collaboration returns featuring new heroes and other rewards

The Battle Cats, a popular tower defense game from PONOS, and Evangelion, a cherished anime series, have announced the return of their collaboration starting on July 31st, 2023 at 11:00 am, and running through August 14th, 2023 at 11:00 am.

A new series of elite heroes based on the terrifying Angels and pilots from the Evangelion series will be featured during this two-week crossover event in The Battle Cats app, along with breathtaking themed maps inspired by iconic moments from the anime and other fresh and resurrected limited collab challenges.

This updated version of the Battle Cats and Evangelion collaboration event includes new heroes and capsule sets

One-Eyed Asuka and Eva Unit-13 are two new Uber Rare heroes included in this revamped Battle Cats and Evangelion collaboration event, along with new True Forms for Eva Unit-01, AAA Wunder, and Rei Ayanami.

Also, the original Evangelion Collab and Evangelion 2nd Strike Rare Capsules sets are making a comeback, giving players the chance to amass terrifying Angels and towering Evangelions as Uber Rare heroes for their Cat Army. Any of the Super Rare and Rare collab heroes from this crossover event can be obtained by drawing from either set.

The Battle Cats x Evangelion collaboration
Image via PONOS Corporation

Players can try out the brand-new team of outstanding Evangelion heroes on amazing Evangelion maps that give great prizes when you’ve assembled them. Start the Final Battle task on day nine of the event. Eva Unit-13 map for a chance to gather Cat Tickets and Catseyes at stage clearing! Enter a new collaborative map starting on day eleven. Clear for a Rare Ticket award and goodbye to all the cats!

Also, throughout the event, stop by your Cat Base daily to collect Login Stamp goodies, which get better and better with every new stamp acquired, such as the limited-edition Gendo & Fuyutsuki Cats on Day 5. Only during the Evangelion event and unique Catnip Challenge objectives are these goodies accessible!

The Battle Cats x Evangelion collaboration
Image via PONOS Corporation

Also, in the event-only expedition areas “NERV HQ” and “Near Third Impact,” you can dispatch the daring explorers of your Cat Army’s Gamatoto expedition to explore Tokyo III’s farthest corners in pursuit of gold and cat food.

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