The Division Resurgence’s new live test will begin on December 8: Here’s how to participate

The Division Resurgence test version will be rolled out in European countries!

Ubisoft’s much-anticipated upcoming first-person shooter game, The Division Resurgence, which also goes by the name Tom Clancy‘s The Division Resurgence has announced the dates for their upcoming live test version. The Tweet, made earlier today, confirmed the rumors floating around that the game is in its final stages of development and will be ready for release rather sooner than later.

The Division Resurgence Live Test: Overview

As apparent from the post made on the official Twitter handle of The Division Resurgence in the post-bearing announcement, the Live Test will start on the 8th of December, 2022, and will be going on all the way till the 22nd of December, 2022.

In the testing period of two weeks, the game developers Ubisoft will collect various data about the game and implement changes to improve the game and make it ready for the official launch.

Regions and devices eligible for participation

Division Resurgence, Tom Clancy's Division Resurgence
Image via Ubisoft

According to the details shared on the official website, the live test will only be made available to only selected countries in Europe, with the possibility of more countries being included later on. The test will be available exclusively on Android devices, the complete list of which has been shared on the official site.

How to participate in The Division Resurgence Live test

To take part in the test, players have to do the following:

  • Players must register here to add their names to the queue for the testers of the game.
  • Players who will be randomly selected will be sent an email to confirm their participation in the test along with a link for the game.
  • They have to ensure that they are a citizen of one of the participating European countries.
  • Also, if players have taken part in the earlier closed alpha test, they will automatically get an invitation to join the next test regardless of the other points.

According to the information officially disclosed, the game’s test version will feature the Darkzone of New York City. The city is an area of Manhattan that has been quarantined and locked down, due to higher levels of contamination and has become a veritable no-mans-land. The live test will be the first time when DZ will be available to play and will feature deadly obstacles to pose a challenge for the players.

Division Resurgence, Tom Clancy's Division Resurgence
Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has also decreed that there will be no agreement regarding any NDA for those who will participate in the test. Instead, they have encouraged the players to share and circulate videos of the game footage, which will not only gain traction for the game but also displays the confidence Ubisoft has in their creation.


The Division Resurgence takes place in the same setting as that of Tom Clancy’s Division 1 and Division 2 but will feature an entirely different and independent storyline. This not only maintains originality for the game launching on mobiles but also serves as an extension of a popular IP and therefore, the game is well set up for success.

Are you excited about the new live test of Division Resurgence? Will you be registering for the test version? Let us know in the comments below!

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