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The Division Resurgence will support controllers at the global launch

Wide range of controllers can be used!

Ubisoft has announced a new chapter in The Division Saga on mobile. Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence is a new free-to-play, third-person shooter RPG available on Android and iOS devices. Resurgence will be the latest entry to Tom Clancy’s Division franchise. After announcing the closed alpha and revealing the first look into the game, Ubisoft took to Twitter, confirming the arrival of controller support in Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence during its global launch.

Ubisoft is trying to bring an extensive triple-A gaming experience to mobile through its upcoming games Rainbow Six Siege: Mobile and The Division: Resurgence. Both the games have seen considerable success in the console gaming industry. With these games’ entry into the mobile industry, Ubisoft is bringing controller experience for the players through these games.

The inclusion of controller support in the game will surely give comfort to a larger audience of the game

Touch screen controls will be the main method of play in The Division: Resurgence. The player’s movement will be controlled by the left joystick, while the camera movement will be assisted by the right side of the screen. Additionally, players will receive unique buttons for jumping, crouching, and using abilities. The game’s executive producer, Fabrice Navrez, reportedly confirmed that users will be able to customize their control schemes to suit their preferences.

The Division Resurgence gameplay
The Division Resurgence controller support (Image via Ubisoft)

The Division series has always been a popular game on consoles. And now as Ubisoft has confirmed, The Division: Resurgence can also be played using controllers like its counterparts. But it is to be noted that players cannot use controllers during the alpha and beta phases. This feature will only be available after the global release. 

Ubisoft, through its upcoming title The Division: Resurgence, aims to provide a comprehensive triple-A gaming experience to mobile devices. The console gaming industry has achieved significant success for both of these games. With the new games’ entry into the mobile industry, Ubisoft is bringing controller experience for the players through these games, and The Division: Resurgence is also one of them.

A bigger gaming audience will undoubtedly feel more at ease with the addition of controllers. As a result, the most recent mobile edition of the game will also attract console players from the prior series of games. Additionally, we can only hope that the game’s controls will work flawlessly and provide gamers with the top-notch experience that the designers desire.

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