The Immortal Mayor announces closed beta test for mobile

The developers are bringing the PC game to mobile platforms!

Star Chess Studio has announced that they will release The Immortal Mayor on mobile platforms through a closed beta test. The game is already available for android in selected regions through TapTap. It was first released for PC on Steam in 2021 and is developed by Star Chess Studio and published by Yooreka Studio. The game’s PC version has received favorable reviews from gamers and critics.

Now The Immortal Mayor is gearing up for the game’s release on mobile platforms both Android and iOS.

Build a fantastic Asian city in The Immortal Mayor

The Immortal Mayor is a construction and management simulation game where players take on the role of a local god who guards the land. The game allows players to make friends with other gods, i.e., other players, and use magic to help their townspeople build their city. This, in turn, enables players to earn offerings from the people and grow the city. 

the immortal mayor
Image via Star Chess Studio

As a God, the player’s main mission is to look after and guide the city’s people and build it from scratch. Players need to collect natural resources and make production and living facilities.

Production of the necessary equipment to bring peace and prosperity to the citizens is also a significant task in the game. The game offers an immersive experience to players through its diverse inhabitants who have their preferences and moods. They are happy when they have an ideal home and will suffer without entertainment. Players need to observe them, build housing, provide employment, and provide education. 

God’s players are granted powers in the game, which allows them to use magic such as changing the location of objects in the city if they want to use stronger spells. They will also need to use sacrifices from their people to meet other gods who can borrow their powers and help them develop their city.

As of now, the closed beta test is only available for android devices. It is expected that the game will soon conduct the test on iOS devices.

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