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The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory: Square Enix to release the mobile game in Japan next year

Based on the famous web novel and anime series

Square Enix recently announced its upcoming RPG mobile game The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory will be released during the winter of 2022 in Japan. Square Enix is a Japanese entertainment and video game company, best known for role-playing video game franchises like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts.

The announcement of the game was made in October and a trailer was released which revealed the theme song of the game “Shinsei Reloaded” by voice actresses of Miyuki Shiba and Angelina Kudou Shields. A few days ago, another video was released by Square Enix introducing the characters, their voice actors, and some footage of the game

For those of you who don’t know ‘The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory’ is based on a famous web novel and anime series “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei” also known as ‘The Irregular at Magic High School’.

Storyline and Character of the game

The story revolves around Tatsuya Shiba who acts as a bodyguard to his sister Miyuki Shiba. The latter is the candidate of the leadership of the Yotsuba clan, which is one of the 10 master clans governing the magicians in Japan. They enroll in National Magic University, Miyuki in the first course while Tatsuya in the second course. The game is about the turbulent days between the contrasting brother and sister.

Along with the two main characters, there are 12 more characters who play a vital role in advancing the story of the game. Some of the characters are Anjelina Kudo Shields, Erica Chiba, Saijo Leonhard, Mizuki Shibata, Mikihiko Yoshida, etc.

Experience the original character voices

The feature which makes this game a one-of-a-kind RPG is the incorporation of original re-recorded voices of the characters. The players are given the liberty to recreate the story of the anime allowing even the non-fans to enjoy the game equally.

The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory mobile game
Image via Square Enix

The real-time magic battle between the beautiful 3D-built characters is fully automatic and easy to play. The attractive illustrations by Kana Ishida made from cutting out situations and expressions make the game all the more unique.

The pre-registration for ‘The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory’ has already started in Japan a few months back. More than 200,000 players have pre-registered the game till now and on exceeding 300,000 pre-registrations, additional rewards will be made available. The global launch of the game is not yet known. Pre-registration for the game at the Google Play store is live, however, there are no pre-orders for iOS as of now. For more details about the game, you can go to its official website.

Are you excited for the release of The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory mobile game? Do let us know in the comments below!

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Wonder if they’ll do an EN launch?

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