The Mobies: The Mobile Awards announces its own Mobile-centric awards ceremony

Founder and CEO of bayz Matt Rutledge unveiled The Mobies live at The Esports Awards!

The introduction of the mobile-specific awards ceremony, The Mobies, has been announced by The Mobile Awards, the world’s leading organization for mobile-related awards. Starting in 2023, Mobies will organize an annual ceremony to honor and recognize exceptional performance and innovation to preserve excellence in the mobile industry. The Mobies invites the community to vote for categories that they wish to have recognized as part of the launch.

The Mobies will highlight both the esports and gaming achievements of the mobile industry 

The Mobile Awards are a new project to document, recognize, and reward achievements in the mobile industry. They were founded by the team behind the Esports Awards, the industry-acclaimed award ceremony viewed by over 20 million people each year.

Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, founder and CEO of bayz and a veteran of mobile esports, and the former director of mobile gaming at Complexity Gaming, one of America’s most prestigious and enduring esports organizations, is leading the Mobies.

The Mobile Awards’ objective is to support one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses by assembling a talented panel of judges from different nations. The Mobies will honor individuals in the industry as well as gamers, teams, media, hardware providers, games, events, and personalities each year. With long-term goals of illuminating every aspect of the mobile industry, The Mobies will first concentrate on exposing the esports and gaming sectors.

I am overjoyed to be leading such a groundbreaking and significant project. The mobile industry is constantly growing and affects a huge number of individuals worldwide. The Mobies will act as a focal point for elevating creative people, businesses, and projects in the mobile sector. In the upcoming months, keep an eye on this site for more exciting developments.

Matt Rutledge

“This effort will help offer the quickly expanding mobile business its voice in the awards-sphere,” said Mike Ashford, CEO of the Esports Awards. He added, “We are overjoyed that this project is up and running. We can’t wait to present the diverse range of talent at the first Mobies in 2023.”

What are your thoughts as The Mobile Awards announces The Mobies? Let us know in the comment section below!

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