Thieves of Honor is a new strategy title in early access where you battle pirates in the ocean

Discover the secrets of Pirate's Paradise Deep!

A new strategy title Thieves of Honor is now available in early access in select regions on Android devices. The game lets you embark on an epic journey in the world of pirates where you sail, loot merchant ships, and engage in intense battles with pirates in the ocean.

Build your ship and engage in exciting sea battles with pirates in Thieves of Honor

In Thieves of Honor, you set out to explore the depths of the ocean and learn all its mysteries. You will come across powerful sea monsters and Navy vessels. Customize and upgrade your ship with resources and train your crew to always keep yourself ready for battles. You can engage in solo battles or team up with other ally ships to beat your opponent.

Thieves of Honor early access
Image via Moonlife HK

Hunt for treasure chests and gain resources from sea monsters and your enemies as you win battles. The map shows points and shows the player directions to wherever the treasure is buried beneath. Cook fish, brew liquor, and enjoy feasts with your crew. You can also go to ports and exchange goods as well as dispose of your resource in the black market.

Thieves of Honor early access
Image via Moonlife HK

Thieves of Honor gives you a chance to test your strategic acumen against pirates, engaging in fierce battles to defeat the pirates and obtain the most valuable treasures. Establish yourself as the most esteemed pirate merchant in the market and be able to trade in more guilds. If you like a compelling fusion of strategy with fierce battles and competitive gameplay, you’re in for a ride.

Thieves of Honor is now available in early access on Android for players in select regions. Interested players can also join the official Thieves of Honor Discord server for more information on the game.

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