Tom And Jerry Chase: 1v4 Asymmetrical game is coming to SEA region

Earlier this year, NetEase Games announced 4 new titles at Annual Product Launch 2020. However, recently, The Chinese major, NetEase Games announced that Tom And Jerry Chase will be available for pre-registration in the SEA region. It is a 1v4 Asymmetrical or casual mobile game with competitive elements for Android and iOS. It is officially licensed by Warner Bros and presented by NetEase Games. NetEase Games is a leading provider of self‐developed PC‐client and mobile games to worldwide users.

Tom And Jerry Chase comes from the art style of the original classic

The game perfectly recreates the art style of the original classic. Players can choose to play as Jerry or his friends in their effort to steal cheese or play as Tom to stop them from succeeding. It is a multiplayer game so it will be interesting to know who wins this battle of wit and might. Join over a million players and dive into the ultimate game of cat and mouse. Feel the thrill of the chase!

You can pre-register the game via the Offical Website. Or, directly from Google Play and the App Store.

Play either as a Cat or a Mouse from the original characters

The players will get the option of playing as either cat or mouse. All you need to do is steal cheese and trick Tom with your friends to win the game. Or rescue Tom from his fate of never being able to catch Jerry and help him become a mouse-catching expert. NetEase has recreated the original animation just the way you remember it. Original music, an authentic retro art style, and lag-free gameplay bring you an immersive experience!

Tom and Jerry Chase SEA
Source: NetEase

There are distinct characters including Tom, Jerry, Tuffy, and Lightning. Each character has their own unique skills. There are also many different items to find on the map, such as forks, ice cubes, photo frames, and various special drinks.

Players can cycle through many unique game modes including Classic Mode, Golden Key Match, Fun with Fireworks, Cheese Frenzy Match, and Beach Volleyball. Each mode has its own distinct gameplay.

Tom And Jerry Chase will be available in which countries?

As mentioned earlier, Tom and Jerry Chase will be available for players in the SEA region initially. Under the SEA region, the game will be available for players in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, and East Timor.

Players from Indonesia and Malaysia can still expect another Closed Beta Test.

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