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Tower of Fantasy adds Ruby and Saki Fuwa in the Permanent Banners starting from Version 3.1

Saki Fuwa and Ruby are heading to the Permanent Banners!

Tower of Fantasy will be adding the Simulacrums Ruby and Saki Fuwa to the Permanent Weapon Choice and Choice Matrices starting from Version 3.1 which will be released on August 8th,2023. The new additions to the Permanent roster of characters will be made available as soon as the new Version launches on the Global servers.

ToF brings Saki Fuwa and Ruby as new permanent banners

Both Saki Fuwa and Ruby were released in the early times of the Tower of Fantasy game. Afterward, both have had their respective re-runs a moderate amount of times for new players to have a sort of agency to pull for previous characters.

With the game very well advancing as fast as they could, pumping out updates and trying to keep pace with the CN version of the game, it will prove to be hard to obtain previously limited characters. Fortunately, starting from Version 3.1 both Ruby and Saki Fuwa will be added to the Permanent banners, starting from the 8th of August, 2023.

Why should you pull for Ruby and Saki Fuwa in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, Saki Fuwa is a Frost-type weapon character, which means she possesses abilities related to ice and can take advantage of Frost Resonance. Saki Fuwa’s Frost attribute allows her to deal with ice-based damage with her attacks and abilities. As a result, she can be played in two primary ways during fights, as an offensive damage dealer (DPS) and as a defensive shield breaker.

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Guide
Image via Level Infinite

By taking advantage of Saki Fuwa’s abilities and Frost Resonance, players can try out different weapon rosters and team compositions to suit their preferred playstyle and adapt to different combat scenarios. Whether players need a powerful DPS character or a shield-breaking specialist, Saki Fuwa’s versatility makes her a valuable addition to the player’s arsenal of characters.

On the other hand, Ruby is a Flame DPS weapon. Her weapon, Sparky, comes with a powerful skill that has a longer activation duration, having a high-damage ability with a potentially devastating effect. One unique feature of Sparky’s skill is its ability to slow down enemies. Slowing down enemies can be a highly advantageous effect in battles, as it gives the player more time to react to enemy movements and attacks.

Tower of fantasy Ruby banner, Tower of Fantasy Ruby Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Furthermore, Ruby’s Flame Resonance is an essential aspect of her kit that can be taken advantage of due to her abilities. Ruby’s Flame Resonance ability, combined with her powerful Sparky skill, makes her an excellent support character for other Flame element characters in the game. She not only deals high damage herself but also enhances the performance of the roster by buffing their Flame ATK and Resistance.

What are your thoughts on the announcement of Saki Fuwa and Ruby being added to the Permanent Banner in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below.

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