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Tower of Fantasy announces Frigg and Saki Fuwa Re-run in Version 2.3

Frigg and Saki Fuwa get a reissue!

Tower of Fantasy is releasing a new update in version 2.3 called ‘Amidst Miasma’ which is launching on the 2nd of February. The new patch is a huge and content-filled update that will introduce a new map expansion called the Miasmic Swamp area and also continue the main storyline of the game. Along with new areas to explore and stories to complete, we will also see recurring Simulacrums, Frigg and Saki Fuwa getting re-run as soon as the new version update goes live in Tower of Fantasy. 

Tower of Fantasy will be releasing both Frigg and Saki Fuwa in the new version 2.3. Frigg has been a long time coming since her debut banner came out in the following days after Nemesis. Surprisingly, Saki Fuwa getting a re-run banner was shocking, to say the least since her debut banner came out last November. 

Both Frigg and Saki Fuwa Re-run banners are set to start on the 2nd of February, 2023 (02:00 EST) and will last till the 13th of February, 2023 (16:00 EST). This would mark the first-ever double re-run of Simulacrum banners in Tower of Fantasy. 

Frigg and Saki Fuwa are both back with their amazing abilities in Tower of Fantasy

Both Frigg and Saki Fuwa are Frost weapons which enables them to take advantage of the Frost Resonance. Frigg plays more of a Support role in the roster of the party where the weapon buffs Frost Attacks and Resistance in the team.

On the other hand, Saki Fuwa can be played in ways depending on how you want your weapon roster to be during fights. Saki Fuwa can act both offense-wise (DPS) and also Defense (Shieldbreaker). She can easily break shields with her high Shatter and Fortitude Resonance buff. 

Tower of Fantasy Saki Fuwa Guide
Image via Level Infinite

As a result, even though both Simulacrums are frost elements, they still have very different kits and utilities. For F2Ps who are indecisive about who to choose. It is recommended that players should go for the Simulacrums they would need the most in their team composition.  

Are you excited about the Frigg and Saki Fuwa Re-run announcement in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comment section below!

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