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Tower of Fantasy community is heavily upset over the massive price difference between CN and the Global version

The displeasure is evident now!

Recently, Tower of Fantasy has seen a surge of players complaining about the price and content differences of the in-app purchases that are available in the game with the global version from the Chinese version of the game. This change has become critical after the latest update, which ash resulted in many players being upset about the game and considering a second option to choose from other than Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy has been a rising title in the gacha community, which was developed by Level Infinite. The game was originally developed targeting the audience of the China region and was only limited to Chinese players. But after its release, the game faced both good and bad feedback from the players. But the game continued to gain popularity, which made global region players excited about the game.

Many players are defending the move stating that the CN version is less free-to-play friendly compared to the Global version

After receiving a good gain about the title from the global players, the developers have finally started to work on the global release. The game got its brief time in beta testing after which the game was finally released for global players. Since its release, the game had a lot of shortcomings including players abusing and cheating in the game. In spite of the ups and downs, the game is still making its way, with problems and a better gameplay experience with it.

Players are angry over the fact that in spite of being the same game, the CN players can get more in-game content from the store with less currency being spent on comparing to the global players. While there are debates going on among the communities.

Tower of fantasy Ruby banner, Tower of Fantasy Ruby Guide
Image via Level Infinite

Many players are defending the move stating that the Chinese version is less free-to-play friendly compared to the global version and Chinese law states that the developer must give an advantage to the Chinese players if a game is firstly made for China regions and then global.

While the fact of the Chinese law is not verified yet, there are players who are upset about this stating that this will open up a big gap in the economy between the Chinese and global players, effectively taking it as a motive for the developers to make the wanderers demotivated from the game.

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