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Tower of Fantasy developers issue statement on constant complaints for cheating and exploits

Game developers issued a statement after a series of complaints!

Tower of Fantasy is the new open-world MMORPG developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. While having similarities with Genshin Impact by HoYoverse, the game has shown potential signs of making its way to the player’s library as soon as the debut day. Filled with awesome sceneries is a blessing of open-world games. Just like other MMORPG games, Tower of Fantasy also offers a vast map with details and quests at every corner of the game. The inclusion of powerups and different mounts makes the game more interesting. However, players have now complained about the cheating and the use of exploits in the game.

Tower of Fantasy devs issued a statement after players complained of constant cheating and exploits

With the game being a bit complex in terms of currencies, upgrades, and ranks, it’s no wonder when players will lose their patience to work their way towards their goal. Well, the thing we feared for has finally happened. It’s no secret that there’s been a high amount of cheating and use of exploits to gain advantages in Tower of Fantasy. Many types of exploits are available for this game around the internet.

Tower of Fantasy cheating exploits
Image via Level Infinite

However, the developers have issued a statement reminding players about their stance on fair play. Recently, many players have complained that there are players who are abusing the system of the game. They are using cheats to bypass the limits imposed by the game, for example, the suppressor upgrades. It seems that few players have suppressors in higher versions than what the game permitted on the given day.

Tower of Fantasy cheating exploits
Image via Level Infinite

And that doesn’t end there, few people were also found unlocking the whole map without going through all the missions and quests. While this was not supposed to happen, this is a violation of the game’s system.

Players have reported all the incidents involving in-game exploits

Some players were also seen teleporting to different parts of the maps on their own as said by many Redditors have posted to address the cheating issue.  Even in cases where other non-cheating players also get teleported to a place further than where they were, getting caught up with an infinite loop of falling from a high place.

Well, cheaters are against the pay-to-win mentality of all gacha games. As a free player, why does it bother me? one might ask. But here is the catch. Cheaters are not only limited to doing damage to the game’s economy. They are also playing a role in breaking the gameplay experience of other players who are not cheating.

Developers intend to permanently ban players involved in using unfair means

These cheats also mean a strike on people who have paid for the battle pass, and supplies as cheaters can get these things for free whereas they have paid to get the content. Some players have stopped their plans to purchase passes after speculating incidents of hacking. Some who have already bought are planning to do chargebacks if this kind of cheating keeps going.

Many people are telling that it’s normal because the game is not well made and as the Chinese version of the game has failed badly, releasing a global version is the last choice of the developers to keep this title alive. However, excessive cheating and exploits are also noted in the Chinese version of the game.

However, after all that, it is good news that developers have finally recognized this issue related to cheating and exploits. The statement says that Proxima Beta can permanently ban players who are found involved in cheating, sharing their account information with others to gain an advantage. Now, it’s just a matter of time to see how the policy is reflected in the game

What are your thoughts as Tower of Fantasy players complain about cheating and the use of exploits in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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