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Tower of Fantasy Brevey is coming next and here’s why you should pull for her

Make way for Beverly!

Tower of Fantasy will release a new Simulacrum in the Global version in the coming weeks. Players must brace themselves for an amazing Simulacrum and more in the second half of the version 3.5 update, which includes the investigation of new characters and a fascinating story. Brevey, a new limited Simulacrum that will be available in Tower of Fantasy on January 9, 2024, will be included in the upcoming updated edition.

Introducing Brevey, the brand-new Simulacrum

Brevey is a versatile and entertaining Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, armed with the powerful Pactcrest Metz. Her one-of-a-kind abilities make her an indispensable member of any team, both in terms of supporting allies and dealing significant damage to enemies. Her skills include:

Discharge Mastery

Brevey’s Discharge not only deals damage but also removes control effects from herself and her teammates, including the deadly Graying Bite. Furthermore, it provides immunity to such effects for a limited time, ensuring the team maintains control of the battle.

Empowering Benediction

Equipping Brevey’s weapon significantly increases her Final damage. When Benediction is active, this buff extends to her teammates, making her an important contributor to the team’s overall damage output.

Metz’s Healing Aura

Brevey’s first normal attack outside of combat summons Metz, a healing companion. This friendly entity follows her Best Friend, emitting a healing aura that scales with Brevey’s ATK percent, ensuring the team stays in top form even when Brevey’s weapon is not on-field.

Pactcrest Metz Passive

Metz remains on the battlefield even when Brevey’s weapon is not active, engaging enemies and providing additional healing. This summoned creature becomes a valuable asset to the team, providing both damage and support.

Armor Melting

Fully charged Pactcrest Metz unleashes a devastating attack that causes enemies’ armor to melt. This effect reduces the opponent’s Frost and Volt damage resistance, increasing the team’s damage potential for a significant duration.

Elemental Mastery

Brevey’s weapon adapts to the situation with ease. It increases Volt damage while on the field and Frost damage while off-hand. Brevey’s Pactcrest Metz dual elemental mastery ensures that this weapon will remain a dynamic force in the Tower of Fantasy’s ever-changing challenges.

Should you pull for Brevey in Tower of Fantasy

Why should you get Brevey in Tower of Fantasy? She’s your go-to gal for a strong team. She has a very useful move called Discharge that deals damage while also removing annoying control effects for her and her teammates. Equipping her weapon, Pactcrest Metz increases her damage and, during Benediction, increases the entire team’s final damage. When her weapon is off-field, she summons Metz to heal everyone, Metz stays to deal damage and lend support.

Pactcrest Metz, her weapon, is a game-changer, dealing damage, healing the team, and messing with enemies’ resistances. And it melts enemy armor when fully charged, making them more vulnerable to your attacks. Brevey can also switch between boosting Volt and Frost damage, making her an excellent choice for a variety of challenges and Volt-based teams with Rubilia or Fenrir and Frost-based teams with Ling Han or Yu Lan. Simply put, Brevey brings a lethal combination of crowd control, healing, and damage boost, making her an absolute must-have for your Tower of Fantasy team!

What are your thoughts on the release of Brevey in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below.

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