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Tower of Fantasy leaks show future SSR characters that may arrive after the 2.4 update

New characters bring a new scope of enjoyment!

The latest Tower of Fantasy leaks has provided a glimpse of the upcoming SSR characters, which are anticipated to be made available in the game to the wanderers after the 2.4 update. In this article, we will talk about these characters which will probably make their debut after the 2.4 version update in Tower of Fantasy.

Keep in mind that since this is not officially supported information, this may change or not be entirely true.

Upcoming Tower of Fantasy 2.4 SSR Characters

Here is the list of the characters with the relevant elements.

1. Fiona

Fiona will be a character of the Aberration element. Possibly, she will be featuring a dual sword.

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 leaks Fiona
Image via Koro ToF

2. Lan

Lan is a character of the Flame element. She will be of Flame element, using an umbrella as her weapon.

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 leaks Lan
Image via Koro ToF

3. Han Lu

Han Lu is a character of the Frost element. Her weapon is unknown yet.

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 leaks Han Lu
Image via Koro ToF

4. Icarus

Icarus is a character of the Frost element. She features flying stars as her weapon.

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 leaks Icarus
Image via Koro ToF

5. Molinia

Molinia is a character of the volt/  flame element. She could be a damage-type buffer.

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 leaks Molina
Image via Koro ToF

6. Zeke

Zeke is a character of the physical element. He might be seen with a two-handed sword as a weapon.

Tower of Fantasy 2.4 leaks Zeke
Image via Koro ToF

7. Seele

Seele is a character of the flame element.

Tower of Fantasy Angels of Clemency
Image via Koro ToF

8. Valkyrie

All the Tower of Fantasy players already knows this character well. Valkyrie is a character of the volt element.

Tower of Fantasy Valkyrie
Image via Koro ToF

9. Aegis

Aegis is a character of the physical element. If you are regular in Void Rift, you probably know her as well.

Tower of Fantasy Aegis
Image via Koro ToF

The SSR characters Seele, Valkyrie, Aegis, and Frigg will be available at some point in the game as a part of “ Angels of Clemency”. One of the most interesting debuts would be the character Zeke. As Zeke was heavily involved in the story of the game, Zeke does have an amazing effect on the wanderers. Even so, this information is subject to change. Here is a video that might help you understand the characters even more.

Tower of Fantasy has been a rising title ever since its launch. The title was developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. With the increasing popularity, it totally makes sense to see this huge list of upcoming characters. And if all of them actually arrive, the game will be better than ever.

Are you excited about the upcoming SSR Characters according to the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.4 leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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