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Tower of Fantasy reaches $83 million in mobile revenue and 7 million downloads at the end of the first year

Tower of Fantasy hits a new performance milestone at the end of their first year!

Tower of Fantasy the popular gacha MMORPG title has taken the world by storm with many fans of the genre and title appreciating the work the developers put behind the development of the game. The same can be seen being reflected in the performance stats of the game with Tower of Fantasy making headways with over $83 million in revenue and 7 million downloads at the end of the first year. The numbers perfectly explain and augment the success the game saw in its first year of release.

Tower of Fantasy’s solid first-year revenue trend personifies the game’s early success in the market

The game has been a hit since its arrival in the market, Tower of Fantasy saw players and fans drawing a comparison of the game with the likes of other famous gaming titles like Genshin Impact. The game, frankly speaking, was famous even before its release, with comparisons being drawn with other hit titles like Genshin Impact, the game was bound for success.

Tower of Fantasy started its journey in the market extremely well with revenue reaching as high as $25 million in the first few months only, this marked the grand launch of the game and the launch pad for the future success of the title.

Tower of Fantasy revenue, Tower of Fantasy
Image via AppMagic/GamingonPhone

Now when speaking about raw numbers, according to AppMagic data, the game saw a pretty solid start to its operation with the game banking around $25 million in the months of August to September. The start was more of a headstart instead of being a prolonged trend as the solid revenue curve started to slow down and has been decreasing ever since.

The downward curve would perfectly explain the role of early hype which was created around the time of the release of the game. The game as of now has amassed over $83 million in mobile revenue where Japan has contributed 52%, followed by the United States with 21%.

Since its first few months, the numbers have been dropping significantly, both in terms of revenue and downloads. And it can briefly talk about the satisfaction of the players and the market standpoint for this game. And this is certainly not looking good for a game of this status.

Tower of Fantasy revenue, Tower of Fantasy
Image via AppMagic/GamingonPhone

The numbers support the notion of the game being considered an early success in the market, however, the decreasing trend in the revenue might worry the developers a bit. The game’s performance in the first few months contribute massively to the final numbers and it will be really interesting to see how the game would perform in the coming few weeks and what more milestones it will be able to achieve. Hopefully the first anniversary events would help a bit in bringing back old players.

What are your thoughts on Tower of Fantasy making around $83 million in revenue? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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