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Tower of Fantasy Reddit community post showcases the game’s current active player base

A general outline of the game's player base!

It has been a while since Tower of Fantasy has been released globally on August 10th, 2022. The infamous MMORPG has been a hit-or-miss for many people initially and has been compared to similar games as well. Hence we will be observing some discoveries about the state of the player base in Tower of Fantasy that has been retained after the last two months, with the help of some statistics provided via a post by Reddit user Zekur in the Tower of Fantasy subreddit. Note that these stats are from before the new 2.0 Vera version is released. 

How active is the Tower of Fantasy player base

User Zekuro has differentiated the stats into 3 categories: Active Players, Casual Players, and Logging in Players. Note that Casual Players and Logging-in Players should not be considered when analyzing how active the player base is as the user stated they added in those numbers to filter out the bot and alt accounts and also because people requested those sections to be added. Hence they should not be used for accuracy, instead, the focus should be on the Active Players section. 

Here is a general outline of all the Regions combined; Asia-Pacific (JP), Europe (EU), North America (NA), South America (SA), and South East Asia (SEA). From the table, we can deduce that Asia-Pacific has the most active player base than the rest.

Tower of Fantasy player base per region
Image via Reddit

Here’s the breakdown of the Servers of each Region. Players should make note of which servers to join and which to avoid due to the activity of the players. 

Europe (EU)

Tower of Fantasy player base Europe
Image via Reddit

Astora seems to be the most active server along with Anomora. There seem to be low-scale players in servers like Silvercoast Lab, Transport Hub, etc averaging below 1000. 

South East Asia (SEA)

Tower of Fantasy player base SEA
Image via Reddit

South East Asia has several servers reaching over 1000 players, with Aerial having the most active players along with Odyssey. Famtosyana barely has any players seeing as it has only about 62 active players.

South America (SA)

Tower of Fantasy player base South America
Image via Reddit

South American servers seem to average around 1000 players as well, Luna Azul being the most active followed by Pegasus. Ophiuchus, Grus, and Cepheu fall around the hundred scales. 

North America (NA)

Tower of Fantasy player base North America
Image via Reddit

Servers like Tempest and Solaris seem to be the most active whilst Ozera is the least, following around 411 active players.

Asia-Pacific (JP)

Tower of Fantasy player base asia pacific
Image via Reddit

The Asia Pacific in truth is the Japan Region. Although we do not know why the developers named it that way, we can observe a steady rate of activity on almost all the servers, with Sushi followed by Fate having the most. What’s more, to note, is the Logging In numbers. Japan is notorious for rerolling and having multiple alt accounts so we can see why the numbers are consistently high in that section. 

Some other extra information regarding the player base the user provided: 

  • Out of the 11 million characters that were created (including the bots), 9 million of them were the initial tutorial at the start of the game.
  • 4 million reached level 16. 
  • 3 million reached level 24
  • 1 million reached level 50
  • 450,000 reached level 65
  • Around 90,000 crews have been made

CS range in every region of active players in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy CS range
Image via Reddit

Combat Power, or CS for short, is a player’s overall power level that scales in many ways, game levels being one of them. Only about 650,000 players have reached over 20 thousand CS. Despite that, we have some players who are level 70 and still stuck below 10,000 CS. 

What are your thoughts about the Tower of Fantasy player base? Let us know in the comments below!

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