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Tower of Fantasy to release a new simulacrum Fenrir alongside a digital single

Fenrir joins the roster as latest addition!

According to some new developments in Tower of Fantasy, Level Infinite, and Hotta Studio have made a special announcement for their game as they introduce and welcome a new simulacrum named Fenrir alongside a digital single that is expected to join the Fray. The expected date of release is expected to be around March 9th 2023.

The developers aim to add more melodies with the new releases

The developers have decided to take a more melodious tune with the new digital single in line for the release. The new simulacrum has a more elegant and melodious side to it, unlike some other characters in the game. The addition of this new simulacrum underlines the number of great characters in the roster of the game. The game has a lot of variety in terms of characters offered and has a detailed Leveling system for each character.

Tower of Fantasy Pure White event, Tower of Fantasy Version 2.1 content deepsoul industrial zone
Image via Level Infinite

The new addition to the game is also the leader of Team Doggo a group that reflects the powers of Mirroria’s internal powers. The simulacrum is actually an extremely popular DJ in Mirroria, who absolutely adores death metal. She uses her music backed by Norse Mythology to break down the barriers of enemies in her path. Many new characters have been added and will continue to be added since the new version update happened.

The character being Nordic by nature has a lot of Norse background references going to her, the most obvious one being Gleipnir, her weapon. Gleipnir is a deadly bone-shaped ribbon placed on her back which while used for different reasons in the Norse culture, is used as the primary weapon in the game by her. Nature wise Fenrir is a brawler and does not fear confrontation.

Speaking more about her weapon, the character’s Gleipnir has devastating damage stats to it, with each high note generating lightning attacks that have shape-like bear paws and destroys the enemy’s defenses. For more information on the weapon in the game be sure to check the trailer embedded above in the article. On a side note, interested fans should follow the developers on the official Twitter handle and join the Discord server to stay updated with the trends the game makes.

What are your thoughts on Tower of Fantasy releasing a new character Fenrir in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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