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Tower of Fantasy version 2.0 Vera preview livestream: How to watch, rewards, and more

Version 2.0 is making rapid progress to step into the global version.

The Tower of Fantasy team has recently announced a Vera preview livestream, which is the Version 2.0 Update. The live stream event is expected to showcase things related to the upcoming version 2.0 update and many more details. In this article, we will cover a few details about the event, the schedule, how to watch, the rewards, and more.

How to watch Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 Vera livestream

The live-streaming event will take place on 13th October 2022 at 4:00 PM (EDT). The Tower of Fantasy development team has already stated that anyone who wants to watch the live stream of the event can participate in the event through the twitch stream, the YouTube channel as well as the Twitter page of Tower of Fantasy.

The twitch stream of the event will be available here. Tower of Fantasy has mentioned exclusive watch rewards for the viewers. However, no details related to what kind of gift would it be and in what amount are not announced at this time.

Expect exciting announcements at the live stream

As the name suggests, players can expect some announcements of release related to a few contents which were supposed to be released up ahead. It seems that the Vera region announcement has the highest probability. Lot mode information will be available during the live stream.

Since the release of the global version of Tower of Fantasy, it became clear that not all the characters will make it to the global version. Some characters which were featured previously in the Chinese version will not be available in the global version. But as time went on, the global version became popular and the good wind started to flow.

Tower of Fantasy version 2.0 Vera
Image via Level Infinite

Claudia recently got released in the global version of the game which was a character previously available only in the Chinese version. Many more features of the CN version have been made available on the global version of Tower of Fantasy with the version 1.5 update.

Are you excited about the Tower of Fantasy Version 2.0 Update, which is the Vera preview? Let us know in the comments below!

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