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Tower of Fantasy 2.0 leaks reveal Ruby banner, matrices, and more

The Version update 2.0 is surely expected to bring a lot of exciting things to the global version!

Tower of Fantasy has been a title that’s been growing up ever since its release. Recently, an announcement has been made about a progressive version update 2.0 tester recruitment. This has confirmed the ongoing rumors and leaks about the version 2.0 update expected to come out to the Tower of Fantasy global version anytime soon as soon as the version 1.5 update was released.

Previously, many leaks have been found such as Marc and Bai Yukeui, whose character data has been found inside the global version of the game. In this guide, we will cover in detail the leaks for the upcoming version 2.0 update such as new characters, mounts, skills and matrices, new in-game voiceover language, and many more.

Tower of Fantasy version 2.0 leaks

New character: Ruby

From the beta test version of the 2.0 update, it seems that a new character will get introduced in the game. The new character is named Ruby. It will be of the type: Fire and on the basis of the grade, it will be on the SSR tier. The character will also come with abilities, such as shatter and charge.

New Character Skins

New skins have also been seen in the beta version of the game. The Ruby will get new skin. While that, the character Cobalt-B will also get a beautiful look with the new skin.

New Skills, Martice and Ruby relations

With the introduction of a new character, Ruby, the introduction of new skills and matrice has also been noticed in the beta version. Many other data have also been found, but it seems that it is too early to tell anything constructive as the description was not even translated from Chinese to English.

New Relics

A new relic has been seen also in the 2.0 beta version. The relic is named ‘Hoverboard’. It enables a player to hover on the ground and quicksand. The usage of this relic will cost endurance. The cooldown period for this relic is considerably high, which is 90 seconds.

New in-game content

A few new contents have been added to the store and have been noticed in the 2.0 beta version, The new content includes mount parts, equipment, and items. However, not all the names have been translated into English yet.

Change of the maximum suppressor level in Tower of Fantasy version 2.0

Suppressors are an important part of the game. It is essential as you need it to go to the areas where the radiation level is high. In the beta version 2.0 of Tower of Fantasy, a change in the suppressor level has been noticed. Now, the highest level is 8.5.

Voice acting for Ruby in Tower of Fantasy version 2.0

As the new character was introduced in the version 2.0 beta of Tower of Fantasy, the character has proper voice audio in the game. However, the languages of the voice characters are currently only limited to Japanese and English. That’s all about the leaks for Tower of Fantasy version update 2.0.

What are your thoughts about the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 leaks? Let us know in the comments below!

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