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Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island is coming with 1.5 update on September 15, 2022

Version 1.5 update announcement has got fans excited around the world!

Tower of Fantasy has recently announced a version update for the title. The gacha title, developed by Level Infinite and published by Perfect World is getting its first version update. The 1.5 update brings lots of new features and expansions to the Tower of Fantasy. The version 1.5 update is expected to be out on the 15th of September this year.

Tower of Fantasy Artificial Island will feature a home system, new enemies, and new areas

This is already huge adding to the previous announcement made for the upcoming 2.0 update. Although the massive 2.0 update does not have a release date yet, this 1.5 update is definitely going to be a lot for the fans to explore.

This would be the first update the game will ever have since the global release. Developers have spent their effort in perfecting the game and releasing updates that would make the game more attractive to players than before. The official announcement for the version update was made on the Twitter handle of Tower of Fantasy.

The update will be available from September 15. The update will feature a home system, new enemies, and new areas. The home system will allow players now to make their own, unique home and decorate it however their taste suits.

This is a great way to reflect a player’s aesthetics. The Twitter video also showed new areas developed, named Puddled lake, Ring Arena, and Rusty Iron Camp. The video also featured a more developed biome surface, which sets an amazing landscape scenery of Aida.

ToF 1.5 update will introduce a new enemy labeled as Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon

Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update
Image via Level Infinite

The update will also feature a new enemy. A dragon, which is dubbed by other commenters as a mecha dragon. Labeled as Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, it looks awesome as it has a mechanical aura at it. From what the video has shown, it seemed to be quite hard to just defeat it.

What are your thoughts about the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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