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Tower of God: New World, the new action RPG by Netmarble, is now available on Android and iOS

Answer the Call of the Tower!

Leading mobile game developer and publisher Netmarble is proud to announce that its latest action RPG Tower of God: New World which is set in the world of the hit Webtoon series is now available worldwide on both iOS and Android platforms. 

After its introduction on Webtoon, Tower of God achieved massive global success, garnering more than 6 billion views globally. Subsequently, it gave rise to a popular anime series, currently in its second season of development. The tale of Twenty-Fifth Bam, a young boy embarking on a journey to ascend the Tower in search of his friend Rachel, has deeply connected with enthusiasts across the globe.

Take control of fan-favorite characters and ascend the tower

In “Tower of God: New World,” players have the opportunity to assume a more active role in the narrative by taking charge of beloved characters, guiding them on their ascent through the Tower. The game features a Twenty-Fifth Bam and a roster of 69 characters, and through stunning 3D animation, players can immerse themselves in an anime-like universe.

Apart from engaging in dynamic battles, players can utilize a distinct Slot System, empowering a designated slot rather than a particular character. This innovative approach eradicates the need to tirelessly level up new characters as they can be instantly inserted into the slot and become formidable allies.

Experience amazing features in Tower of God: New World

Here are some of the unique features of the games:

  • High-Quality Graphics: Characters, settings, abilities, and cutscenes are rendered in striking 3D animation. 
  • Collectable Cast: 69 characters are available to collect and play at launch.
Tower of God: New World cover
Image via Netmarble
  • Story Mode: Accompany Twenty-Fifth Bam and his friends on their journey, taken straight from the Webcomic story.
  • Adventure Mode: Assemble your own unique team and ascend the Tower your way. Strategize to defeat the worst the Tower has to offer.
  • Shinsu Link System: A unique system that levels up a slot, not the character in the slot; so once you get your favorite character, just pop it in the leveled-up slot and you’re ready to go. No unnecessary grinding required!
  • Loot System: Earn rewards to help you level up even when taking a break!
  • Daily Arena: Compete in daily PVP matches for rewards.

Tower of God: New World celebrates its launch with exciting events and rewards

To celebrate the game’s global launch, players will be treated to abundant rewards with the following events.

  • Regulars Welcome Check-in event: Players can earn plenty of rewards including Normal Summon Ticket, SSR Soulstones, and more. On the 7th day of check-in, Main Character Selection Chest, in which either Bam, Ha Yuri, Khun Aguero, Rak, or Endorsi is available, will be offered. Also on the 14th day of check-in, Normal Summon Tickets(x20) can be obtained.
  • A New Regular’s First Mission!: Those who clear daily missions for 7 days can earn different rewards including Normal Summon Tickets and Suspendium. Once they clear all missions on the 7th day, Normal Summon Tickets(x20) will be offered.

Tower of God: New World is available for download from either Google Play or the App Store.

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