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Traha Global is reportedly being developed by Moai Games

Traha Global to boldly eliminate TRAHA

Moai Games, the developer of the mobile innovation sensation TRAHA, announced on the 8th of July, 2022 that it will unveil Traha Global. The game will be launched worldwide as a successor to TRAHA which was released in Korea and Japan earlier. With over 4 million pre-orders in the year 2019 in Korea, the auto-battle mode TRAHA was a popular hit at that time and topped the grossing charts. Now, the CEO of Moai Games, Chang Lee aims to build a global image of this game by releasing Traha Global which will be developed as an MMORPG, aiming to expand the services to the global market.

Traha Global is scheduled to launch as a successor to TRAHA

Traha Global will release in the global market as a successor to TRAHA with improved mechanics greatly affecting the user’s control skills. Players can choose to play PvP, RvR, party play, and raids with improved manual operation while playing dungeons. Moai Games is also planning to conduct a closed beta test in the Asian region to gather feedback and to improve the level of detailing with better optimization in the game content.

Recently some months back in February, Moai Games successfully released Traha Infinity containing the best 3D graphics and numerous endless battles. The game was ranked No. 1 in both major markets and ranked No. 6 in Google’s Play top sales. Gathering this much success, Moai Games is now aiming to expand its service worldwide by releasing Traha Global.

Teaser of Traha Infinity

CEO of Moai Games, Chang Leo said, “For the globalization of TRAHA IP, we are developing TRAHA Global with the goal of launching a global one-build. We will make endless efforts so that users around the world can enjoy the fun of TRAHA Global.”

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