Transformers Forged to Fight returns on mobile via Netflix Games

Autobots Assemble... again!

Transformers Forged to Fight which was announced to be shutting down the servers back in January 2023 after being in service for 5 years and 8 months is now again being made available by Netflix Games, now that they have bought the gaming rights. The game however will only be made exclusive for players with Netflix subscriptions.

Transformers Forged to Fight allows players to forge their own robots and compete with others

The reason why Transformers Forged to Fight came to the spotlight was the fact that it allowed players to literally forge their own robots and test them out on the battlefield. The game offers a PvE and PvP-focused fighting game where players can collect robots in disguise from several Transformers series.

Apart from the PvP 3-D fighting game modes, the game also allowed players to team up with different guilds and sets of players online in raiding enemy bases to gather tools and equipment useful in forging even more powerful Autobots.

Transformers Forged to Fight Netflix, Transformers Forged to Fight
Image via Netflix Games

Players can challenge other players in the game to test out the might of their robots and level up them at the same time. As you climb up the ranks by winning in AI battles you’ll also progress along on your quest through the game’s story mode. However making your way through is no easy task and requires you to conquer enemy bases, forge alliances with other players, recruit new transformers to your side, and even attack other players’ main forts.

With the game being revived back by Netflix Games the fans and players of the game will again be able to enjoy the game on their devices however as mentioned before the catch is that they must have a valid Netflix subscription to make it happen.

It wasn’t specified whether or not the game will receive any new updates, or whether players can transfer previous progress over to the Netflix version of the game. However, the news of the game being revived again should be enough for fans of the game to rejoice.

What are your thoughts on Transformers Forged to Fight being revived by Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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