Ubisoft invests in Cross the Ages, a card collectible NFT game

The gaming giant is reportedly investing $12 million in the game!

According to the latest reports, Ubisoft is investing millions of dollars in a mobile gaming application called Cross the Ages, popularly known as CTA. Cross the Ages is a card collectible game and its most unique feature is that these digital cards work as NFTs. Players compete in this free-to-play game to get their hands on as many NFTs as they can. The game also allows players to print these digital cards and collect them physically.

Ubisoft has been actively pushing for NFTs for the last couple of months. They are going all-in for generalizing the use of NFTs in games. The gaming behemoth has been making several investments to expand its portfolio.

Ubisoft introduced their own NFTs called Digits in 2022

Ubisoft made its first foray into NFTs when it launched the Ubisoft Quartz platform last December. The company aims to provide its loyal player base with Digits, which were popularly known as Ubisoft NFTs. Digits are the first NFTs playable in AAA games and run on energy-efficient technology.

Each and every Digit is a high-quality asset and a unique, collectible piece of the Ubisoft world, created by using blockchain technology. Digits are developed by the Ubisoft Strategic Innovations Lab, Quartz was launched in beta with Ghost Recon Breakpoint for PC players on Ubisoft Connect. It is available only in selected countries.

ubisoft quartz
Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft had also faced a lot of criticism in their NFT ventures, the most notable one was that players felt these Digits were not backward-compatible and were only tied to one game. Another complaint that players had, was that they were worried the NFTs were not energy-efficient, even though Ubisoft promises energy efficiency.

Many people are still confused about the introduction of Cryptocurrency and NFTs. Many look at them as valuable investments, whereas others feel that they are very unstable assets to invest in. However, it can be said for sure that with our world becoming more connected every day, where these digital technologies are laying the groundwork for radical advancements in the gaming industry.

What are your thoughts on the investments made by Ubisoft in Cross the Ages? Let us know in the comments below!

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