Ubisoft’s new puzzle title, Gwen’s Getaway now available as a soft launch in selected regions

Escape reality and relax with Gwen!

Gwen’s Getaway is a new casual puzzle title brought to you by Ubisoft Entertainment. The game, Gwen’s Getaway, will be made available as a soft launch in selected regions, which will be India, Finland, and the Philippines.

Gwen’s Getaway will aim to deliver an alternate space where players can relax while building their place and solving puzzles

Gwen’s Getaway would allow the players to escape reality and relax in an alternate universe where players would be able to build their cabin with unique customizable and other relics to give it a unique touch and also solve the puzzles to progress into the game further. With each puzzle solved the game would unlock different amenities that the players would be able to customize their cabin.

Gwen's Getaway soft launch, Gwen's Getaway
Image via Ubisoft Entertainment

The game would also feature a unique storyline in which the players would be able to progress by solving puzzles of different varieties in the game. Gwen’s Getaway all in all would be a casual relaxing title that the players can play to get away from their busy lives and customize their cabins to make sure they look different and unique.

New locations and cabins will get unlocked once the players progress in the storyline, which will have its own twists. The game has plenty of unique cabins and decors in place for the players to unlock with each having their own requirements in the game, some being story-specific and others based on character level. Solving puzzles is the way forward in the game with players being able to uncover new chapters in Gwen’s story which is full of mysteries and light drama!

The game as stated before is now available as a soft launch for players in the selected regions, mentioned above. Interested players from the selected regions can access the game via Google Play and Apple Store.

What are your thoughts on Gwen’s Getaway getting a soft launch in selected regions? Let us know in the comments below!

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