Vainglory: Legion Of One: Bazooka Tango announced an upcoming MOBA title that aims to go back to the roots

New MOBA set in the Vainglory universe to be out soon

Bazooka Tango has announced that they are developing a spinoff game in the Vainglory universe called Vainglory: Legion Of One. The studio plans to take the game back to its roots with this latest title. The original Vainglory is a popular cross-platform MOBA game.

Vainglory was originally developed by Super Evil Megacorp and has gained popularity over the years. It was considered to be one of the most popular games in the genre and has received numerous awards and recognitions worldwide.

Vainglory: Legion of One combines the best of MOBA and Battle Royale

Last year, a spinoff title called Vainglory All Stars set in the Vainglory universe was released by Bazooka Tango. The game is similar to Brawl Stars by Supercell. A 3v3 game where players pick up characters from the Vainglory universe and form two teams who battle each other. Also, there are other game modes where players can select from a gallery of more than 26 heroes and battle it out. 

The latest update was given on Twitter, where it was tweeted that a new game is being developed by Bazooka Tango called Vainglory: Legion of One. On the official Twitter account of the upcoming game, it was mentioned that the game will combine the elements of MOBA and battle royale to deliver a unique game-playing experience.

A sneak peek of the game was also shared along with the update. According to the developers “the game is still in early stages of development.” In the footage, we can clearly see the signature gameplay of the Vainglory games with detailed level design and different characters battling it out in the arena. So, it is clear that the upcoming MOBA title will retain all the classic features of the original Vainglory games while making it stand out in the ever-growing number of MOBA games on handheld devices.

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