Valorant Mobile full gameplay leaked: The game promises a console-like experience

Players have a lot to be excited for

Valorant Mobile is one of the many AAA games making their way to the platform and being one of the biggest games on the scene, it’s obviously a title that many are eagerly waiting for. The game recently had a private test in China and since they kept everything under the wraps, not a lot was known or seen about how the game looks. But now a 13 minutes clip of Valorant mobile gameplay has been leaked.

The gameplay looks extremely similar to the game’s console counterpart

A whole 13 minutes of footage of the gameplay in Valorant mobile has now been leaked, giving the public a good look at the game and letting them know that this title is going to be worth the wait. Recorded from the perspective of Phoenix, one of the many operators in Valorant, the gameplay is so similar to the PC version that the only real difference is the touch controls on the screen.

valorant mobile
Valorant Mobile

Right now Bind is the only map in the game and in the video, the players are engaging in a match of classic Plant/ Defuse with 5 players on each side. There’s hardly any difference at all here when compared to the PC version. From the abilities to the weapons available during the Buy Stage, everything seems like a true adaptation. 

There are visible changes in the game’s UI

Now the one area where there are some clear changes in the UI for the start menu, loading screen, and all those other areas. That is because the game obviously was scaled down to mobile devices and it would have to adopt a slightly new look to appear properly on smaller screens. Visually, the game looks great with the same art style and visuals as the PC version. 

Overall, the Valorant mobile gameplay looks really impressive and one thing that should be considered is how it has a competitor in the mobile space now in the form of Rainbow Six Mobile, which looks just as fun during its ongoing beta test. With the competition, we can expect both Ubisoft and Riot to work towards making their games better before global releases. 

What are your thoughts about the leaked gameplay of Valorant Mobile? Let us know in the comments below!

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