World at Risk is a new historical war strategy game now available on Android and iOS

New battle simulation strategy game launched

Lionstale Ltd., a game development company based in London, launched their new war simulation and strategy game titled World at Risk on December 6 for Android and iOS. In November, the beta version of the game was launched and the announcement regarding the launch of the game was made on December 7. 

World at Risk is a military SLG game based on World War II where insane leaders engulfed the whole of humankind in the worst battle of all time. The players need to build their own cities, army and develop machines like tanks and compete with the enemy. Check out the trailer of the game below:

World at Risk: Play a realistic WWII title with historical characters

The game features the map of Europe which is the birth territory of the player and the players have to take it under control by using strategic skills and destroying the enemies’ troops. There are powerful tanks like StG 44, the players need to get in it with their crew to destroy the enemy. 

World at Risk launched
World at Risk gameplay

World at Risk consists of characters of all the generals from WW II including Joseph Stalin, George S. Patton, Harris, Govorov, De Gaulle, Brooke, Montgomery, and many more. The players can find their favorite generals, use their perks, upgrade them, and battle with their enemy. 

The players can make alliances with their friends and coordinate their actions, share knowledge, tactics, and resources. In the Campaign, the players can find resources, experience, plans for upgrading their weapons, and also, they can get detailed information on the WWII timeline, main battles, and operations. The players can make bases for their tanks and technological researches. 

World at Risk is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases of limited packs including Officer Pack, Rookie Pack, Monthly Gem Pack, and more. The game has a 17+ rating with mild but intense realistic violence. The players can try out this war simulation and experience the historical time during WW II, on Google Play Store and App Store. And for more details, players can visit the official site of Lionstale Ltd. 

Are you excited to play World at Risk, which has been launched on Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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