War Zone – The Soldier introduces the Survival game mode with its latest update

The new update will make you insanely overwrought!

It’s been a month since the launch of War Zone – The Soldier, one of the leading free 2D Platformer games by OAO India on Android and iOS. Recently, the devs announced their super crazy and fun game is set to get its first feature update. In the coming update, War Zone – The Soldier will be getting a brand new survival game mode.

Survival mode will bring brutal mayhem in War Zone – The Soldier

The devs are introducing this new mode to make the game even more entertaining and interesting. While starting, you are allotted limited health, power-ups and you have to strategically progress in the game.

War Zone the Soldier Game Cover
Image via OAO India

But the twist is, as you proceed, the number of enemies increases and eventually their powers too! Never knowing what you might face but still, you have to fight. One will have to use their gaming skill, weapons, and special powers to shred, cook, electrocute, explode, dismantle all the waves of enemies as you proceed further.

War Zone gets tougher as you progress. One thing is certain, you’ve got something that’s wholly different from other wave-based shooting games. Players should get prepared accordingly to win this combative and ferocious battle!

The game has proven to be a resounding success among the players

The amazing game graphics and responses bring players together for a major cause, to save the land from the enemies and invaders. Each player has to fight with the invaders, who are extremely cruel on the battlefield.

It includes marvelous powers that include Airstrike, Shield, Increasing health, and many more. Filled with powerful music, SFX, and stunning visuals to capture all your nerves.

War Zone – The Soldier boasts an amazing and strategic skill tree that allows having special powers like homing missiles, lives that is easy to learn but tough to master. Now, with the brand new survival game mode, War Zone – The Soldier promises to bring more action, adventure, and of course, enemies.

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