War Zone – The Soldier: OAO India’s shooter is now available on Android and iOS

Get ready for adventurous missions and battlefield action!

War Zone – The Soldier is the fourth game developed by OAO India which is now available globally. Players will jump from a helicopter and start fighting the enemies. They will be playing the role of a soldier.

Fight and eliminate all hostile threats in War Zone – The Soldier

This game is a must-play for fans of soldier/shooting games. The finest free-to-play mobile game, War Zone – The Soldier, is highly recommended for fans of shooting games and hard-core soldier games. Players will be able to dive into the world of shooting games with amazing graphics, interesting gameplay, and a plethora of weaponry. Complete each level and defeat enemies to succeed in War Zone – The Soldier.

war zone many unique weapons.
Image via OAO India

Each level is packed with enemies, but players are fully armed with the deadliest rifle and ammunition! The upgrade becomes accessible as players go through the free game, defeating enemies and bosses. 

Players can explore the enormous map in the free shooting game War Zone – The Soldier, where danger lurks around every corner, travel the length of the trail, and discover what lies beyond. Every new area is teeming with enemies, and gamers will be rewarded handsomely for defeating them. As a result, players are unlikely to become bored while playing this actionpacked shooting game.

Upgrade weapons and defeat the bosses

The goal of this game is to defeat enemies and bosses, upgrade weapons, and most importantly, safeguard the country from any threats. To stay alive, players will join the combat with the best weaponry available and rely on their tactical talents. If players are to live, they must use all of their survival skills. Hide, Run, Jump, Shoot, Explode, and remain alive in the battleground by mastering these skills.

War Zone – The Soldier is now available on Android and iOS devices. For further information, players can visit their official website.

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