Warframe Mobile unravels the upcoming Jade Shadows update featuring a new mission type, clan operation, and more

Unravel Mysteries with New Cinematic Update

This June, Warframe fans can eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Jade Shadows update, a new cinematic chapter from Digital Extremes that promises an enthralling mix of narrative depth and innovative gameplay. This update will be available across all current platforms and includes a host of new features designed to enhance the Warframe experience.

Experience the emotional tale of Jade Shadows

In the upcoming Jade Shadows update, players will embark on a single-player narrative quest filled with themes of love, loss, and vengeance. This quest reintroduces the Stalker, a formidable legacy character in the Warframe universe.

Known for his complex motivations and dark past, the Stalker’s story progresses as he seeks retribution against the Warframes responsible for the collapse of the Orokin Empire. This quest not only deepens the lore surrounding the Stalker but also introduces the 57th Warframe, Jade, whose abilities resonate with the ethereal qualities of angelic choir soloists.

Explore new content and features in the Warframe Jade Shadows update

Jade Shadows doesn’t just expand the story— it also brings fresh gameplay elements to Warframe. Players can look forward to tackling the new mission type, Ascension, which is themed around the Stalker’s narrative. Additionally, the update includes a new Clan Operation titled Belly of the Beast, offering teams a chance to collaborate in new and challenging environments. Aesthetic updates are also on the horizon with new Stalker-themed ship cosmetic skins and an expanded range of TennoGen items.

Further enriching the update, Jade Shadows will debut alongside the teaser for Protea Prime during Devstream 179. Protea Prime symbolizes the pinnacle of technology and elegance, equipped with advanced weaponry and abilities, including time-rewinding capabilities. Alongside her, the new Prime weapons—Okina Prime and Velox Prime—will also be released, enhancing the arsenal available to players.

Look ahead to Warframe 1999 and TennoCon 2024

Aside from Jade Shadows, the Warframe team provided updates on Warframe: 1999, showcasing concept art and discussing the creation of a Warframe-inspired 1990s motorcycle. As excitement builds, fans can also look forward to TennoCon 2024, which promises to be an even more immersive and expansive fan event. The first day of TennoCon will feature a 1999-themed celebration, complete with special entertainment and exclusive early access opportunities.

As the launch of Jade Shadows is approaching, the Warframe community is buzzing with anticipation for the new adventures and revelations that await. Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to this exciting release.

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