Warframe Mobile version is officially confirmed along with cross-play and cross-save across platforms

No release date has been announced yet

Warframe Mobile version is finally confirmed officially after the rumour surfaced back in April 2020 based on a statement from Xu Yiran, the chairman of Leyou. Along with the mobile version, Warframe is also getting both crossplay and cross-save on all platforms to let the players enjoy the game smoothly.

Cross-play and Cross-save will take the game to the next level

Being available on all platforms means that matchmaking will no longer be divided by various platforms. Players can hop onto any device (mobile, console, PC) and play with players who are on the same or different platforms. The announcement was released at Warframe’s TennoCon 2021 fan festival, where they also announced the release of New War later this year.

Warframe Mobile on TechnoCon 2021
Warframe Mobile on TechnoCon 2021 (Image via Digital Extremes)

With the addition of crossplay and mobile versions, all the major updates will take place simultaneously across all platforms.

With crossplay getting more common among games, this news is huge. Though most of the time players wish for crossplay among different consoles and PC, Mobile has slowly entered as one of the platforms in this space. Warframe had been planning on providing a cross-platform gaming experience since 2019, so as to expand its name on other platforms. Mobile gaming space is not yet filled to the fullest, entering into this space with a cross-play version could be a great move for Warframe.

The mobile version has the same controls as that of the console, it also offers better overall control with high graphics and frame rate. It is easy to join a party on mobile as it won’t take long to log in and start the game. Also, Warframe mobile might be compatible with selected operating systems and processors as it provides the highest quality of gameplay.

For games like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Valorant, crossplay and cross-save versions can be tough to come up with as these games provide a number of features and controls that so far cannot be adapted to mobile. With the game in development, Warframe has made sure that there is no restriction on how players can play on mobile compared to playing on PC or console.

Warframe Mobile version global release date

warframe, warframe mobile version
Image via Digital Extremes

For now, there has been no information on the release date except the confirmation of the Warframe mobile version. Fans need to wait for further announcements from Digital Extremes to know the release dates. We’ll make sure to update this space as more information is shared online.

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