Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is now up for pre-registration on Android

Get ready to explore the Age of Sigmar

Perchang Games‘ long-awaited turn-based strategy game Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is now available for pre-registration on Android devices. The game is going to be released on both Android & iOS devices on 3rd September 2020. The game is set during Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar, focusing on powerful champions gathered together to fight through the legendary Silver Tower.

About Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Set in the Warhammer era of Sigmar, the latest Warhammer Quest game concentrates on gathering all sorts of powerful champions and bringing them together to battle through the legendary silver tower. The game also offers tons of cool rewards, but players cannot claim these rewards until they have completed the dreaded gaunt summoner’s trials of skill, endurance, and strength. Perchang Games released a gameplay trailer for their latest game, you can take a look at that:

The game offers a unique map and lots of monsters

As we’d expect, the game consists of plenty and popular Warhammer creatures, some of which we’ve seen in other Warhammer games such as, Tzaangors, Daemons, and of course, Acolytes. The game also comes with over 20 unique maps that seem to equal the number of monsters you’ll come upon.

The map counts is a good inclusion as it will allow players to explore the game’s famous interdimentional arenas, deadly swamps, and clockwork realms.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower pre-registration battle scenes
Strategical battles are the main part of the game

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower will bring new features at launch

The full release on September 3rd will bring about more than 200 levels for you to fight your way through deadly monsters, as one of the 10 champions that are upgradable. You will get to play as Mistweaver Saih, Darkoath Chieftain, Knight Questor, and many more.

Outside the game’s main campaign mode, there are other challenges to play like, daily quests, and solo trials. Warhammer Quest looks really good, and with what we’ve seen so far, it could be Perchang’s biggest release yet.

Android users can pre-register now

Android users who are fans of the Warhammer franchise can now Pre-register for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower on the Google Play Store. The full release is set to arrive on both iOS and Android on September 3rd. Until then, you can pre-register hoping to get some juicy rewards at launch!

Are you excited as Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower goes into pre-registration on Android? Let us know in the comment section below!

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