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Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King: The Complete Combat System Guide and Tips

Master the Battles with our comprehensive guide!

Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King, developed by Garena International II, transports players into the immersive RPG world of the Black Clover anime and manga, featuring a carefully crafted turn-based combat system enriched with complex elemental mechanics and a diverse range of battle tactics. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Black Clover manga and anime series, the game has swiftly earned a dedicated following among fans and gamers alike.

This Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King combat system guide is your key to mastering the game’s intricacies, providing valuable knowledge and strategies to conquer formidable adversaries and rise as a formidable adventurer in the enchanting Black Clover universe.

If you’re new to Black Clover M, begin with our beginner’s guidereroll guide, and currency guide to get started. You can use our guide to navigate the Black Bull’s Hideout and the World Map. Be sure to redeem any available codes for bonus in-game rewards. Look at our mages tier list to find strong characters to focus on and explore our list of characters and their voice actors for added enjoyment. If you run into any problems, just reach out to customer support for assistance.

Mage Combat System in Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King

In Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King, mages are the game’s main heroes. To succeed, it’s vital to understand the combat fundamentals and how to lead these mages effectively. These brave characters embark on adventures, combat enemies, and complete quests in the fantasy world of the game. Each mage possesses their own special skills, making it crucial to learn how to use them effectively. The Black Clover M: Combat System Guide is here to assist you on this journey.

Attributes and Compatibilities

In Black Clover M, each mage has one of three attributes: Power, Technique, or Sense. These attributes is important in combat, affecting how effective your attacks are against enemies. I’ve found that when you attack a favorable attribute, you will get a 20% damage bonus and a 10% increase in critical hit rate.

Black Clover M Rise of the Wizard King Combat System Guide Attributes and Compatibilities
Image via Garena International II

On the other hand, when you attack with an unfavorable attribute, it results in a 20% damage reduction and a 10% decrease in critical hit rate. If you attack a target with the same compatibility as yours, there’s no bonus or penalty.

During the battle, when you select a target, you can see a Compatibility icon above their HP gauge. If the compatibility is favorable, it will display a GREAT icon. If it’s unfavorable, you’ll see a BAD icon, and if it’s the same, it will be marked GOOD. Keeping an eye on these icons helps you strategize your attacks effectively.

Team Composition

Before you start a battle in a stage, you can set up your team by picking up to four mages. The order you place them in will determine how they perform Combined attacks during battle. I like to check which mages have Combined Attack partnerships by looking at the icons between them, which helps me strategize more effectively.

Black Clover M Rise of the Wizard King Combat System Guide Team Composition
Image via Garena International II

In the Support mages tab, you’ll see a list of mages chosen by other players. Selecting one lets you bring them into battle as a support mage. Winning with a support mage from someone else earns you Friendship Points, so it’s a nice way to build connections in the game. You can also pick a food item from the Food Slot to help you in battle. Just keep in mind that some foods can’t be used in specific stages.

Battle and Mobility

In Black Clover M, every battle has multiple waves, and you need to defeat all the enemies in each wave to move on to the next one. When you win the battle, you earn rewards specific to that stage, and your mages gain Bond and Battle EXP for participating in the fight.

Image via Garena International II

I’ve found that each character has a Speed (SPD) stat, which affects how quickly they can act in battle. At the start of a fight, each character’s Mobility Gauge fills up based on their SPD. The character who reaches 100% on their gauge first gets the first turn. If multiple characters hit 100% at the same time, the turn order is chosen randomly. This Speed system adds a layer of unpredictability to battles, so it’s important to consider SPD when planning your team’s actions in combat.

Attack Types

In the game, there are different types of attacks:

  • Skill I: These attacks don’t use up any Skill Points (SP) and don’t have a cooldown. You can use them whenever you want without any restrictions.
  • Skill II: These attacks also don’t require SP, but they have a cooldown period. This means you can use them, but you’ll need to wait for a certain amount of time before using them again.
  • Special Skill: Special Skills are more powerful, but they consume SP when used. Unlike Skill II, they don’t have a cooldown, so you can use them as long as you have enough SP.
Black Clover M Rise of the Wizard King Combat System Guide Attack Types
Image via Garena International II

Each skill has its own unique range and effects, which are usually indicated by the skill button icon or described in the skill’s details. Understanding the characteristics of each skill type and how to use them effectively is essential for success in battles.

Skill Point (SP)

In Black Clover M, SP (Skill Points) are crucial for executing Special Skills and initiating Combined Attacks during battles. At the start of each battle, all mages begin with 8 SP. When you use a Special Skill or Combined Attack, only the specific amount of SP needed for that move is deducted from your total SP pool. You can easily monitor your current SP and the SP requirements for different actions by checking the icons linked to Special Skills and Combined Attacks.

Image via Garena International II

I’ve noticed you can replenish SP in a few ways during battles. You automatically gain 1 SP at the start of each turn. Additionally, attacks with favorable compatibility and certain passive or mage skills can earn or reduce an enemy’s SP. This dynamic SP system adds an extra layer of strategy to battles, as you need to manage your SP effectively while considering your opponents’ SP levels and the compatibility of your attacks. It’s important to find the right balance to maximize your mages’ potential.

Final Thoughts

To do well in Black Clover M: Rise of The Wizard King, you need to know how the fights work. It’s important to use your SP wisely, use compatibility to your advantage, and choose a good team. Our Black Clover M: Combat System Guideguide teaches you these things so you can have fun and beat the tough parts of the game.

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