Wild Rift Americas server launch has a special message for the players

More instructions to follow!

With the ongoing Open Beta Test of League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot Games is finally getting the OBT launch in the Americas. In the latest announcement, the devs have declared that the game will be available for the players residing in both the American continents. The announcement also explains the reason behind the delay in the launch of the game on the very continent.

Instructions and things to keep in mind

1. Players with accounts from different locations

Riot Games has made sure that the players don’t use VPN and maintain the fair matchmaking rule. VPN not only affects the gameplay but also affects other players as it encourages cross-server lags. Wild Rift players whose registered account locations don’t match their IP address locations will see a message about the launch whenever they start the game.

2. Uniqueness in American Servers

The Servers will maintain a decorum in the game by matching players from the same continent only. The servers are designed in such a way that the game won’t allow any cross-continent matchmaking. The game will log the IP addresses of the players and find them the nearest server based on their location. Change in IP while logging in to the game will attract notifications regarding servers.

3. Players with account located outside America

The devs acknowledge the issues of the players and have come up with a new way to help them secure their accounts. Before the release of the game if players have created their account in other regions, then the game will allow them to migrate their account to the America server. Also, the migration will successfully transfer all data, skins, purchases, and Wild Cores.

4. Cross-server Restrictions

After the migration is completed the players must know that it is final and it can’t be changed later on. Matchmaking, friending, gifting, and other features cannot occur between the two regions. 

Wild Rift Americas server launch

League of Legends Wild Rift will arrive on March 29, 2021, for the both North America and South America

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