Wild Rift: Riot Games clarifies that reruns of game events are not in their plans anymore

Wild Rift production team tweets about how reruns won't become a routine in the game

Juno Blees, Production Manager of League of Legends: Wild Rift, took to Twitter to answer whether the game was planning to bring back the K/DA event or other past events, where he clarified that there would be no reruns of the previous events in the later editions of the game. Call it a fresh start or loss of events, everyone has their different views on it.

But Juno Blees & the team intend to take the best elements of previous events and make them a part of new ones. Additionally, they are seeking to make some of the rewards from past events accessible to new players.

Riot Games looks for innovation in Wild Rift, is not planning reruns of game events

From the famous K/DA event to the Start Guardian one, Wild Rift events are the most famous and Twitter erupted with these questions of making the rerunning of events a game routine. But the Riot Games production team revealed that they have some other fresh and exciting ideas neglecting the rerunning of events anymore.

Juno Blees came up with three reasons to convince the users of the fact that there will be no reruns of previous events. Starting with, events are usually created to showcase new content, such as champions & skins. As old events no longer promote fresh content, rerunning them would be less exciting.

wild rift game events reruns
Image via @RiotJunosaur on Twitter

Next, they have a lot of temporary events to make sure players who participate and earn rewards feel special. Bringing back these events would make the players feel less appreciated. Lastly, events are made for all players, old and new; rerunning old events would be less interesting for those players who have already participated in them.

Final thoughts

As we speak to conclude, all this ends with some positive vibes. Their plan is to look back on previous events and incorporate design elements that worked well into future events instead of repeating them. Also, they are looking into making some past event rewards available to new players. Let us now wait for their words to be a reality in their upcoming updates.

What are your thoughts on Season 2022, which is set to arrive in Wild Rift? Do let us know in the comments below!

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