Wild Rift Season 2022: Elemental Rift, New Champions and more

Lots of exciting content coming in Wild Rift for 2022!

The annual live stream of League of Legends has been streamed on the 7th of January, 2021. Around this time, it is being accompanied by its mobile port, Wild Rift. The roughly 45-minute long stream showed not only the League‘s plans for this season of 2022. It also discussed everything new coming up to Wild Rift, including new champions, skins, and more! Therefore, in this article, we will discuss all the new champions, gameplay items, skins, and events that are supposed to arrive in the 2022 season of Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Season 2022: Elemental Rift

What has already been established in the League of Legends PC version, is finally hitting Wild Rift this season. From the overall 4 dragons present in the game, one of them will dominate the Rift in each game. This will change the whole map, according to their powers. With the addition of the Elemental Rift, another aspect of League PC will join the force of Wild Rift. When the player’s own team is the first to defeat three dragons, it will get an additional buff called Dragon Soul which matches the game´s Elemental Rift. The following list will show what each Elemental Rift will change about the map. Additionally, it will show the advantage which the Dragon Soul will grant the players.

DragonsElemental Rift effectDragon Soul buff
InfernalIt removes certain walls and brush+ AP & AD and all Attacks will create explosions
MountainIt adds new terrain in the jungle area+ Armor & MR and a shield
OceanIt adds more brush and extra honeyfruit+ MS & slow resistance and additional MS after Ultimate
CloudIt gives extra movement speed at certain areas+ extra healing when attacking enemies

New Champions: Sett and Yuumi

Overall 4 new champions have been teased in the live stream, with two of them are coming in this patch. The others will arrive with the Patch 3.1 Update. First on the list and arriving later this month is Sett, The Boss. Sett is a melee Baron laner, who thrives in team fights, hitting and kicking everything in his way.

Wild Rift Season 2022
Sett, The Boss (Image via Riot Games)

The other champion who will be implemented in the game in February is Yuumi, The Magical Cat. Yuumi is a support character, who is played in the Dragon lane. It is all about buffing her allies to the max while being untargetable herself.

Wild Rift Season 2022
Yuumi, The Magical Cat (Image via Riot Games)

The last two champions who will arrive in the next Patch 3.1 are Karma, The Enlightened One, and Shen, The Eye of Twilight. Shen is a tank who is usually played in Baron Lane, while Karma is a mage/support, who is played on either Mid or in the Dragon Lane.

Wild Rift Season 2022: Wild Pass and Guild System

This time around the champion who will get the Hexplorer Wild Rift Pass exclusive skin is no one other than Galio. This will be the last skin of the Hexplorer skin line for now. The devs are changing up the thematic for the upcoming Wild Pass.

Hexplorer Galio (Image via Riot Games)
Hexplorer Galio (Image via Riot Games)

The developers had created the Guild system in the past, to grant players more exciting ways to play with their friends and earn icons, baubles, etc. This will be continued in the Season of 2022 with the thematic change of Guild vs Guild. Later this month, this season´s competition will be set in Ionia. This competition will see all the Ionian champions having their debut in Guilde vs Guilde.

Wild Rift Season 2022: Skins and Events

The Wild Rift team will continue collaborating with its PC counterpart for events for Season 2022. Although this time around, they will feature different content independently. This means different skins for skin lines and classic skins, which are set to return. In addition to that, during the Wild Rift stream, a lot of upcoming skins have been shown with the majority of skins coming from the same thematic. The three big skin lines shown were Heartbreakers/Heartseeker, Infernal and Cottontail.

Wild Rift Season 2022
Lunar New Year Event: Promo art (Image via Riot Games)

As for only Wild Rift exclusive events, the Wild Rift team wants to bring more events with less downtime, in between them. The next event which will launch at the end of January will be the Lunar New Year event. This will feature the Firecracker skin line. The champion who will receive this year´s skin is Diana, Xin Zhao, Tristana, Teemo, and Sett.

What are your thoughts on Season 2022, which is set to arrive in Wild Rift? Do let us know in the comments below!

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