Wordle removes practice tool due to shutdown of the Wordle archives

Currently all fan archives have been shut down!

Wordle has taken the internet by storm for the last few months. The five-letter word game follows a simple rule-set that can lead to many different strategies. Wordle presents a nuanced and interesting play on words which has catapulted its popularity. The game features a simplistic layout leading many players to come up with the most effective Wordle openers. They have also found the best stratagems that increased their winning streaks. Particularly for those who have been playing the game since its inception. Now, New York Times forced the websites to shutdown leading to the removal of Wordle archives.

Wordle archives served as a major practice tool for the community

Currently, Wordle is an intellectual property of The New York Times. Before that, it belonged to Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle. Wordle’s popularity for the last couple of months led to the creation of archives that would allow players to check out past daily words. Players played through them as they pleased.

Image via New York Times

Eventually, they caught up with the official version of the game. These archives were mostly present on different third-party websites and proved as an invaluable practice tool. They were taken away from the players after the New York Times finally forced the websites to shut down.

The shutdown of Wordle archives and its major implications

Wordle archives allowed players to practice the best strategies for guessing words while keeping them hooked to the current title. Interestingly, Wordle is not a game based upon strategy yet it indulges players to come up with new strategies to improve their game.

Although this can be done with daily words, they are not as impactful in terms of long-term strategies because it’s limited to a single try each day. This process usually takes longer for players to perfect their approach. When Wordle archives were a common thing online new players found it easier to break through into the game.

Since, Wordle is a game that doesn’t repeat answers, knowing which words were used before helped players to perfect their guesses. While many websites host a list of all the answers across the game’s lifespan, discovering them by playing is a different experience altogether.

What are your thoughts about the archives shutdown of Wordle? Let us know in the comments below!

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