Top 20 best Wordle like games for mobile devices

Loved Wordle? Now try out these great alternatives!

Wordle, the addictive word game that has taken the world over and the frenzy has led to the game being acquired by The New York Times for an undisclosed amount. Social media is now full of green, yellow, and grey blocks denoting players’ success in decoding the day’s word and building on their word streaks. In this Best Wordle-like Mobile Games list where we will list the top 20 wordle alternatives or spinoffs that you can play on your mobile devices.

The game pits players to figure out a five-letter word in at most six tries and people across the globe have been hooked to it waiting for the next word to appear. The craze of word enthusiasts has led developers to come up with many spinoffs and a different take on the core gameplay of guessing a word. So, without further ado, let’s look at the list of the top 20 Wordle alternatives or spinoffs.

Best Wordle like games for your mobile devices

1. Squabble

Squabble is the battle royale version that pits at least 6 players and up to 99 against each other in guessing a 5 letter word until only one player is left. Making a wrong guess will make you lose HP and HP also depletes over time, a player is eliminated once they run out of guesses or lose all their hitpoints.

squabble battle royale Best Wordle like Mobile Games
Best Wordle like Mobile Games: Squabble

The game is currently in beta and has two modes – Squabble Royale and Blitz with works going on optimizing the game by introducing Elo ranking, better matchmaking, and balance changes to the damage taken. You can play the beta version of Squabble from here.

2. Custom Wordle

If you want to play wordle with friends, then Custom Wordle is the best option for that. This is because it allows you to put in custom words of any length and share the link with your friends. You can also play random words to build your skills for Wordle. Interested players can play this modified version of wordle from here.

3. Crosswordle

Crosswordle is the combination of wordle and sudoku. The green, yellow, and grey tiles on Crosswordle carry the same meaning as they do in the Wordle universe. The last row of each Crosswordle reveals the completely solved five-letter word all the players have to do is use the available color hints and the last row to solve the puzzle in a sudoku-esqe manner.

To solve the puzzle players need to use the letters available in the last row and can place them only in the green and yellow tiles to reveal more letters. You can try your hand on Crosswordle through here.

4. SpellTower

From the developers of the smash hit, Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey comes the wordle alternate SpellTower. Not exactly a spinoff of wordle, SpellTower is an extensive game with eleven game modes that is one of the best word-based strategic games.

The first and the most played mode, getting the highest score by eliminating words out of a possible 113 combinations. The premise is to build words by tracing your finger around adjacent letter tiles. The strategic part of the game involves handling the crashing tower of letters. Unlike most games on this list, SpellTower isn’t a browser game and is available on both Android and iOS.

5. Absurdle

As the name suggests Absurdle is a sort of another take on Wordle. It is an adversarial game meaning that it will actively try to avoid giving away any leads to the correct answer. The mechanics ensure the game is prolonged as far as possible.

The algorithm will choose words from its internal list and will select a subset of words that has the least matching letters. For a detailed breakdown, players can read the blog by the developer and play the game on their browsers from here.

6. Hello Wordl

Are you disappointed by the fact that you have only one word per day, Hello Wordl solves this problem as it has no limit to the number of times you can play the game in a day. Additionally, it also allows players to choose the length of the words from 4 to 11 letters. You can play this modified Wordle from their site here.

7. Dordle

The most popular Wordle alternate Dordle is described by its developer, Guilherme S. Töws of Zaratustra Productions as “Wordle plus Wordle“. The game consists of two Wordle puzzles side by side and both the words will be related to each other. Making the challenge difficult is the fact that even with two words players have only six guesses. Apart from the daily challenges players can also engage in an infinite challenge-free dordle from their website here.

8. Lewdle

Lewdle is the saucy, NSFW version of wordle. Filled with words one would find Urban Dictionary the game is laced with profanity. There is also a sheltered mode that accepts non-lewd responses. Players can try the game out by visiting their official website. If you are up for it, you can play the game from here.

9. Nerdle

Nerdle is the math version of wordle where players will have six chances to guess an equation and solution. Each guess must include the symbol ‘=’ and after each guess, a wordle-like color system will aid the players.

The correct placement of numbers or symbols is marked green, wrong placement but correct symbol or number is marked purple, and numbers or symbols not in the equation are marked black. Puzzles are released every 8 hours. Players can play the game on the official website. If you are geek and up for a challenge, then try your hand on Nerdle from here.

10. Quordle

Quordle tougher Wordle cover
Best Wordle like Mobile Games: Quordle

If you are finding Wordle too easy and want to challenge yourself then Quordle is a perfect choice. Quordle follows the same format as Wordle but instead of one word, players will be tasked with solving four 5 letter words in 9 tries. The game has over 500k daily active players and is one of the most liked spinoffs of Wordle and can be played from here.

11. Star Wordle

Star Wordle is one example of a fandom-based Wordle alternative, requiring players to bring both their best guesses and knowledge of the Star Wars universe. With over 20,000 possible words on the list, this Wordle spinoff is one of the most extensive ones. If you the force with you then you can try your hand on Star Wordle from here.

12. Worldle

If one liked Geoguesser or is fascinated by geography, Worldle provides the best experience by giving hints in the form of an image of the country map, and instead of the regular green, yellow, and grey bars, players will see the distance, direction, and proximity percentage to assist in making the second guess.

If you want to make the game harder you can either randomly rotate the country image or hide it completely. Players can access the game through the browser from here.

13. Lordle of the Rings

Based on the legendary world of middle earth from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Lordle of the Rings will involve 5 letter words ranging from locations like Rohan to the name of the characters Bilbo. Valid words are only those belonging to Tolkien’s world. All we can say is this can be a One Wordle game to rule them all and can be played from here.

14. Nurdle

Cricket fans rejoice as Nurdle, a cricket-based wordle alternative is here. Valid guesses are restricted to cricketer first or last names of those players, men, and women who have represented their country at the international stage in 15 matches or more across formats. Nurdle is an amazing option for cricket fans and can be played from here.

15. Squirdle

Squirdle available Best Wordle like Mobile Games
Best Wordle like Mobile Games: Squirdle

Pokémon is one of the most popular franchises in the world if not the most and a wordle crossover was imminent.  Developed by Sergio Morales, Squirdle gives players 8 chances to guess the Pokémon of the day. If the Pokémon is in the correct category, the box beside their guess will turn green.

If they are wrong, it will turn red in either of the Type categories, or there will be an arrow in the other categories indicating that the correct Pokémon is in a higher or lower Gen, Height, or Weight. The game is for hardcore fans but doesn’t be disappointed if you are starting in the Pokémon universe as there is a version of the game which involves only generation one Pokémons. You can play this amazing version of Wordle from here.

16. Football Wordle

If you are a football fan and want to play a wordle game based on that, then Football Wordle is a Wordle based game created specifically for football supporters to enjoy. Players are tasked with the challenge of guessing the five letter surnames of football players in six attempts who have played in the Premier League.

The game provides a breath of fresh air to people who are fans of the game but are bored after attempting quizzes found on the sports quizzing website Sporcle. It doesn’t find its way in the top 15 since it caters to only fans of Premier League, hopefully, in the future, they expand to more leagues from around the world. PL fans can test their knowledge from the game’s website here.

17. Poeltl

If soccer is not your cup of tea then Basketball surely is right? Specially designed for NBA fans, now play a wordle game based on that, Poeltl is a Wordle based game created specifically for basketball supporters to enjoy. Players are tasked with the challenge of guessing the five letter surnames of basketball players in eight attempts who are currently playing in the NBA. You can join the NBA court with your mates from the game’s website here.

18. Gordle

Following up with more sports-based Wordles is Gordle. A must-try for all the NHL and Hockey fans as a perfect daily exercise for wordle loving NHL fans. As you have guessed, instead of guessing random words, Gordle is about figuring out the last names of hockey players in six tries. Five-lettered surnames, to be precise, much like Wordle with five-lettered words. You can check out the game from their website here.

19. Octordle

If you find Wordle, Dordle, and Quordle easy, then possibly Octordle is the challenge that players are looking for. The game involves guessing eight words at once in 13 tries and can be played from here.

20. Byrdle

Coming to the last on the list, which is the most rhythmic one. For music enthusiasts and practically everyone, there is wordle but with terms related to music! Similar to Wordle, experience Byrdle that brings 5 lettered words related to choral music, but here is a twist, your answer can include any and all musical terms in all possible languages! You can test your knowledge of music through Byrdle from here.

Final Thoughts

That’s our take on the 20 Best Wordle like Mobile Games List. These are the choices that really stood out for us. If you feel we’ve missed some major alternative games, do let us know in the comments below!

That’s all for the 20 Best Wordle like Mobile Games List. What are your thoughts on our Best Wordle like Mobile Games List? Let us know in the comments section below.

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